In life most times, we find out that we make more wrong choices than good, we make the wrong friends than the good, and every thing we do seems to be wrong, this impression is what I call.
First, it’s normal to make mistake and again, mistakes help us learn, they are essential concomitant of living. moreover, there is no man who does not make mistake. it then become an error for us to define our lives by these mistakes, that we find it difficult if not impossible to forgive ourselves. this is the wrong impression that people want us to have about ourselves, to doubt our capability and capacity, to loose the real us for a prototype of who they think we should be. a boy not so good, that young lady that is just there.. no! till we break away from our failures and see the beauty that lies within us, then a life of misery awaits us.
In life, it is better to follow one’s dream no matter how infinitesimal they may seem, destiny has mapped out the scope, the limit that we can reach. hence it will be advisable that we find our purpose, our path, our dream and begin to follow it wherever it leads in the good and bad times because we shall someday look back to see what a great mile we have covered. it does not have to be wonderful at first. Rome was not built in a day. consistency and perseverance are keys to unlocking one’s future. I have learnt not to give up in the face of challenges not because I am strong but because I was created and built to defeat any which comes my way. for no man can be faced with a challenge greater than him.
Stick to your story line, don’t miss your track and pay less attention to side talks or oppositions. It’s normal to be misunderstood, it’s okay to be ridiculed for a dream you so much believe in. be comfortable to hear opinions about you which do not truly define you. but most importantly.. let no one talk you out of your dreams, your vision and your passion. because when they do you will be the worst hit. They  would have fulfilled their own mission which is to talk you out of yours. Don’t ignore advice but don’t take too many of them. one necessarily must not pleases everybody. Don’t give up on your dream for  that could be the only thing you truly possess in life.
On the way up, I have discovered that our choices become limited, our friends reduce in number leaving us with admirers from a far off. who wish to be close to us, be like us but far from us because we have gotten to a height too high to reach. every successful man must learn to come down from that confinement that keeps us in pain most times than it makes us happy. however, life is in series and one must move with a corresponding speed. as seasons change so does the people we need in our life. we must seek out persons who add value to our life not monetarily. but persons who serve as a mirrow with which we see the future we desire. those that has walked down the same path we are on. those who will give us the compass and guidelines so we don’t fall, falter or fail.
As a generation of young minds who are preparing for tomorrow. we must know that any day lost cannot be recovered, in as much as we would love to enjoy the exuberance of our time, we must arm ourself with caution because the mistakes that stick for a lifelong time are the ones we will make now. out decisions today determines our destination. be guided properly, seek the right guidance, don’t live the herd type of life, ask questions.
In the final analysis, living the purposeful could be such a great task. it could be demanding, it may require so much sacrifice but at the end of the tunnel we will laugh the last laugh and that will obviously be the best.
NJOKU DAVID CHIBUEZE is a law Graduate, President, Legal Ideas Forum Int’l, a life coach, Legal author and writer. 
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