***follow your dreams***

Life is all about choices, they mould who we will become. they shape and fashion our lives . so, do not make the mistake of threading a path that does not lead to a destination you admire, I have seen the influence of peer pressure, I have known the power of friendship, I understand the somewhat infatuation we call love and what so great an impart they make to our lives. more than they make us, they possess commensurate sting of destruction which is capable of ruining a destiny we so much long for and admire.

It is a difficult task to make a choice, and more difficult to make the right choice, still it does not end in making choices but following it to finish.. I have seen abandoned dreams, uncompleted projects born out of great commitment. and desire to cause change. visions that has been allowed to die because of unfavorable conditions, choices which erstwhile was a source of joy and gladness left unfulfilled because necessary support was lacking…..

this represents a generation of men and women who has given up on their choices, on their dreams and vision. those who has quit the race and journey to destiny. who no longer believe in the future they once admired. this post is aimed at quickening you once again, to know that it’s not yet over. you can still make it irrespective of the numerous obstacles on your path.

your choice is your dream,and your dream is a choice. when one gives up on their dream then a choice has also been made. so also a Dream dies. hold on tight! fight on for the storm will soon be over.

to live a purposeful life. we must identify our path and follow it at all cost. we must not relent in our efforts to  be the best of who we are.

make the right choice and you will not regret it. follow your dreams to wherever it leads, through the valleys and mountains. for you will one day look back to discover what a great mile you have covered…


For knowledge and Justice

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