Our Ideology

By Njoku David chibueze
IDEOLOGY is a body of doctrine, philosophy, body of beliefs or principles belonging to an individual or group.
The real import of this publication is to try to find out;
* What is the ideology of LIFIN,
* What is our doctrine, our philosophy, our belief and guiding principles which directs the scope of our operations. And then,
* How can we then annex our ideology into the world system;
* How do we implement it to reflect global reality and transform it into a tool for solving world problems.
Its important to state that the LIFIN ideology is premised on our motto which is KNOWLEDGE  and JUSTICE, they form the cardinal points of focus for all our activities, it has been the springboard of everything that we have done for the past three years. It is pertinent to point out that in the grand scheme of things, not everybody will be attracted to this vision and mission. Hence,  there must be a connection between your inner most consciousness and the possibilities of attaining the LIFIN visions.
A lot has been said of the forum, many misconceptions Arising from different viewpoints  and it thus becomes sacrosanct to set the records straight. Because, as time continues to pass many meaning may be read into what the forum is all about than what it is truly meant to be. I consider it a sacred duty that we owe this forum at this formation stage to inculcate into us all who shall be the future of the forum, the main reasons why we have the forum, where it is presently and where it is headed.
The inference of a global perspective into this discourse shows that apart from our minor attempts to include course works and activities, the forum is much more wide in content and contents.  its sociology importance and judicial relevance in no distant time from now should be the beacon upon which everything that we do now should rest, we must be guided by the fact that we are only starting a journey that has a destination which can only exist in the future, the future of the forum should be our utmost concern and I may repeat, for only those who have a connection in their spirit with the motto of this forum which is KNOWLEDGE  and JUSTICE.
When we started off, i tried as much as I can not to make the mistake of missing up the forum with any thing else religious political, I have found that for any idea which must serve a vast body of people cutting across spectrum and divides you must endeavor at all times to maintain neutrality, lets think of LIFIN as a symbolism of UNITED NATIONS. an organization with world influence yet not partisan in its approach,  a time tested institution which will always be there to serve the purpose of pursing for world peace and prosperity without compromised stance.
During this short period, we have been numerously advised on how to spin our wheels so fast but we have only applied that with caution and have rather taken the approach that slow and steady wins the race, and gradually we have kept on charting the course of the ship of this forum with faith and Hope amidst every reason to give up on it. No matter how much we may try,the importance of a forum like that cannot be over emphasized.
The social impact of our ideology should be our watchword, our banner of conquest. Our most important aspirations should be,  how do we acquire knowledge that will help us effect the cause of justice in our society? and what then is this justice?
Although the term has been much debated, it is imperative to point out that justice is the Act of giving everyone his due; it means fairness to all; being more specific, A Lifinite should be a person who pursues every legal knowledge at his disposal during academic years for the purpose of defending the cause of justice; justice in a more distilled form with respect to our ideology should include: fighting in defence of civil liberties, freedom of speech, constitutional rights of citizens; it should mean a brazen call towards resisting Anarchy, Tyranny and Arbitrary rule; we should be active contributors to finding solutions to numerous social issues ranging from crimes to tortious acts,  to matters of economic mismanagement and improper governance of not just Nigeria, Africa but the world, yes I mean the world. we must aspire by every known means to push up our relevance into the scope of international importance and influence that’s too wide for LIFIN! or its impossible!!That what our minds may want to read, but its very normal because before we got here, such fears were expressing.  and although they may be germane but it is not as strong as our will to give it a try and maybe after we failed in it we try yet again and again until we are sure that we cannot indeed achieve this vision.
We started a campaign on social media,some took it seriously while some treated it as one of those unnecessary media sensation that fetches no result and dismissed it with a wave of hand, some also thought It’s a waste of time to defend the rights and electoral franchise of voters, women, children, journalists, constitutional freedom etc. But that’s the full essence of legal idealism, we must be ready to identify the fact that our legal practice as it is, is yet very faulty and that a need exists that we must make meaningful inputs to make it reflect more, the social importance of law in any legal system.
I must commend most member of the forum who took it out on our country Nigeria and how vehement they were at addressing the challenges and issues affecting us as a nation.  and that is what the forum is all about,it has just started with our websites, it will soon move into other communication medium but still we want to establish the ground rules and basis upon which we shall operate. so that when issues of national importance arises, we will be sure to speak as a forum and then the nation will decipher that this is the position of Legal Ideas Forum on this issue, I have said before there must be a connection between your spirit and the purpose of this forum to fully partake in everything it is meant for.
From a global perspective, LIFIN  is an institution which influences decision making in governance,  it makes input in the process of law making and contributes to the development of legal system, procedures and  processes of law and generally the upliftment of total compliance to the dictates of the rule of  law to promote justice.
At the formation of the Rotary  Club, Amnesty International , Red cross etc. The journey was not easy but today we have institutions which affects how the world operates today, they have global impact because those who imbibed their ideology saw it as scared duty to uphold them.
As a LIFINITE, the question IS,
Do I know the Lifin ideology?
Am I ready to uphold it?
Can I push it into global reliance?
Will I solve any problem with?
As a forum, We are well positioned to establish a mediation and conciliation centre with a mandate to handle issues bothering on Arbitration and other ADR mechanism, all these reflects the idea of acquiring legal knowledge to pursue the cause of justice.
The legal aid initiative of Nigeria was premised on this understanding and while it was being formed, fears of its effective and efficient administration stared the organizers in their faces, but with a confident hope,they were able to carry out their mandate that to be made a SAN in Nigeria, you must have done probono cases under the auspices of the legal Aid initiative.
I have hope that this brief Colloquium has enlightened us more on where the forum is headed in the global scene, let us therefore work together to achieve it with all diligence and commitment.
Thank You.
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