About The LIFIN Colloquium

The general meeting of all members is referred to as the LIFIN colloquium which is a monthly convergence of all members of the forum and its extended partners and the general public, on every last Monday of the month with a focus on carrying out critical enquiries and survey on the legal foundations underpinning the social, political and economic realities of the Nigerian state and the world at large.
The LIFIN colloquium is a special invitation to the general public to come and share with us diverse knowledge on how to restructure our mental perceptions of the socio-political and economic realities in Nigeria and how to help resolve the challenges. It is aimed at giving participants a clearer perspective on the challenges, sustainable solutions and possible implementations that will not only be helpful in moving us from where we presently are but taking us to where we should rightly be.
It provides a platform for learning anew, for enriching discussions and the privilege to air your opinion on burning issues of national and international concern and to be an active contributor to the development of our societies. It is recommended for every true lover of knowledge and it is believed that with sufficient knowledge, we can conveniently pursue justice which is the driving force of the forum.