48 Seconds: Nigeria at 60 By Okeke Casmir.

It has been a hard year for all of us, a year we had blueprints and high expectations , a year we had goals set upon from the first day in May of 1999. It is said that the dream of every Nation is analyzed after Twenty years as there are only Five of those in a Century .

Today we clock 60 but I dire say we just became Teenagers, it’s been a rough Twenty years for Democracy in a country like ours blessed with everything for which nature will be questioned in the afterlife! on its Justice System and her maligning attitude in dishing out her gifts.

We are a country of beautiful People who not only have amazing souls but are a nation with a dream, a nation on a journey and one that refuses to backdown not without a recurring fight.

We have that anointing of the supernatural who has forged our lives in a spirit of never backing down and endless strength. 20 years of non-stop democracy? 2 decades of uninterrupted Democracy! You think it is a privilege? I’m proud of the people we’ve become ; we have grown into superficial Giants that is willing to stand tall and wear the emblem proudly no matter the course.

My dear Nigerians, Patience is a Virtue that cannot be achieved without Pain, our fore fathers fought for Independence on this day some many years ago and we cannot tell how they feel looking down on us now but we can sure tell that they are proud we’ve made mistakes, I can tell they are proud we fought wars, I can tell they are happy for the peace war brought, I can say they are happy we still have the African Dream( the Niger dream).

It has always been about Tribes and Cultures ; our strength in diversity a power that has made every other nation envious of what we are and would become if we all come together and live the African dream, one that is filled with love, peace and Rapid Progress.

A dream of Unity and good governance , a dream of brotherly love and affection for the plight of a neighbor. We are all humans and we are bound to err, that’s the reason we were created, we were created to be humans ; that was the idea, an idea that is perfect but allowed to make mistakes . In the original Masterplan on the 1st of October, 1960, Humanity was the Prime Recipe but the hate birthed in distant lands have infested the bank of the Niger like hyacinths and we have become inhumane to our surroundings and hence lost the peace and prosperity the waters of the Niger and Benue brought upon the Green Fertile savannah protected by the will of a stallion.

The Nigerian dream is not the dream of her leaders, it’s my dream, your dream, our dream; a dream where every Nigerian should be able to eat and take care of a brother, a collective dream that gave us power, the Power of Democracy.

It is sad that in this time we stand pointing hands at the next arm, the Executive stand pointing arms at the Legislative who stay with a trajectory point to the Judiciary hence I t becomes a circus of arms of the government tackling the problems of the Government and the Citizen as the audible spectators. It’s just like a advanced League where the Government play in the leagues of their own with the citizens paying them to live at their expense.

Today we reached a milestone, the dream that bore our democracy a new in 1999 and has be reemphasized in the later years leading up to 2020. We have made mistakes and we have paid for it dearly with blood.

On this day, the river of the Niger runs spotless to wash away all the impurities of the land , the river Benue crystal leads the way with baskets of super blessings and when they connect they form an endless romance of Blessings, prosperity and Progress for the people of the land, watering their land and blessing the work of their hands while taking away their sufferings and worries.

Today fellow Compatriots, we rise with our chest, and obey the call of the Nigerian Dream and the Motherland and embrace the 2020 vision to serve our fatherland with strength and in faith using Love in our daily living.

Our Heroes past are always proud of us just like a father to his son we carry the name of Nigeria and we carry it with honor repelling any form of vanity; while serving with a heart of Gold and a Clear mind we become one nation living the Dream, the Nigerian dream of Freedom in Peace and Unity. While doing this we appraise nature so that the God of all creation can direct our noble course, one for freedom in peace and unity; guide our leaders in the right path and help our youths the truth to know.

With love and honesty we shall live just and true attaining great and mighty heights and build a society where peace and justice shall reign endlessly.

Happy Independence Day celebration.
God bless the The Federal Republic of Nigeria !!
About the author 
Okeke Casmir is a law graduate of Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu University, Anambra State. He is an author, poet and Entertainment and media expert.
For knowledge and Justice
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