From outside the great continent of Africa, exists powerful hands who controls her destiny, who would rather prefer that our lives  be wasted on the street and  fight so hard to maintain a tight grip over our future, over our destiny. And would not let go atleast without a bloodbath. They have formed the greatest resistance to our development and will rather prefer to offer us aids than allow us fend for ourself.

Africa, saw its worst days not under colonialism but from the independence that followed afterward. They have refused to give us the freedom of choice, they don’t think we are capable of self governance, they forget that before they arrived that we have always lived.


They say that they discovered us and gave us the life we now live. And any slightest show of intelligence by us, they attribute to their intervention. And any of the sons of Africa who dares say no to their control, they pursue, turn us against them and finally tell us to depose or kill them. They do not tell us the truth why we should do that, but behind the scenes, it remains a glaring fact that the choicest leaders of the African race, the boldest defenders of our African heritage come under pressure for nursing the intention to liberate us from neo colonialism.

They may not be Saints, but they are not as devilish as they are painted. You only give a dog a bad name to find reasons to kill it. This is the story of MUAMMAR GADDAFFI.

A youngman who ascended to the corridors of power albeit with Arms, was severely pursed, constantly haunted, badly wounded and disgracefully murdered by hired mercenaries who would rather prefer a continent without leaders and police States always beclouded by ethnic clashes, violence, terrorism and tribal wars.

Was it the introduction of a new African currency? Was it the intended control over oil, was it the bold stance and resistance to imperialism? Was it just hatred for an emerging African leader?

I would not know why they must continue doing this but am sure there is no good intention behind all these interventions. Finally massive violence are formented and become too uncontrollable for all of us. And until we are honest about foreign aid and assistance, they should be looked upon with suspicion. Syria, Libya, Sudan, Ukraine, Egypt, Mali, Iraq and Afghanistan are all victims.


Lives must not be traded for political scores and the test of military strength and firepower should not be favoured above peace and security of lives and property. African leaders must come up to speed and know that our continent is under severe attacks. They must learn to stand by each other and not slack at the duty of being their brother’s keepers in order to maintain external relationships of superiors and overlords  who control our continent from abroad.

Libya is still the den of danger, a hub for modern time slavery. The system is collapsing before the very eyes of many Libyans who has been left without strong leadership and are currently disenchanted, disorganized and disoriented.

After they killed Mummar Gaddafi, there has never been any other African leader as vocal as he is, who can put up strong resistance to the misplaced position of the African race. Who shall continue to push for a United African nation. Who can be ready to die for the love of country and not flee in the face of great adversity . And until we find a replacement, we are far from attaining a formidable African continent which shall have a strong bargaining power and control in world affairs.

©Njokudavidchibueze is a Law student of Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu University, Anambra State and a political analyst. 

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