Gender Equality: My Voice, our Future and Action on Ending Early Marriage and Sexual Exploitation.


This goes beyond seeking equality for women and drives deep into humanity value. “Gender equality is a fundamental human right required to achieve a peaceful society with full human potential and sustainable development. Moreover, it is has been shown that empowering women spurs productivity and economic growth.”

In this light, equality is also needed as a guiding principle in the digital generational rights, to ensure no one is left behind. Discrimination and its causes are complex and exists not just in nameable states, but in the human society in general. From ancient times down to recent times, discrimination affects all spheres of society such as politics, education, employment, social and medical services, housing, the penitentiary system, law enforcement and the administration of justice in general. Discrimination based on gender is still common in spite of the progress made in many countries. Laws still exist which, inter alia, deny women the right to inherit matrimonial properties, the right to inherit on equal footing with men, and the right to work and travel without the permission of their husbands.


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