Unlock Your Future with GREAT Scholarships: A Gateway to UK Universities for Nigerian Students

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Unlock Your Future with GREAT Scholarships: A Gateway to UK Universities for Nigerian Students



Aspiring to pursue a one-year taught postgraduate course in the academic year 2024-25 at a prestigious UK university? The GREAT Scholarships program is your ticket to realizing this dream, offering a golden opportunity for Nigerian students to receive £10,000 towards their tuition fees. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the details of the GREAT Scholarships, shed light on the participating UK universities, and provide a step-by-step guide on how to apply, ensuring you don’t miss out on this fantastic chance to elevate your academic journey.

Overview of GREAT Scholarships 2024-25

The GREAT Scholarships, a beacon of educational empowerment, beckon ambitious Nigerian students to explore a multitude of one-year taught postgraduate courses across various disciplines. This scholarship program, offering £10,000 towards tuition fees, aims to foster international collaboration and provide a diverse range of opportunities for higher education in the United Kingdom.

Participating UK Universities

Dive into the educational landscapes of these esteemed UK universities, each offering a unique academic environment:

  1. City, University of London: A hub with strong links to the financial and professional heart of Britain.
  2. Edge Hill University:Nestled in Lancashire, with a stunning 160-acre campus close to Liverpool and Manchester.
  3. Keele University:A multicultural and diverse student community that welcomes students from over 120 countries.
  4. Nottingham Trent University (NTU): An outstanding university with over 3,550 students from over 160 countries.
  5. Oxford Brookes University:A world-class institution situated in a beautiful city.
  6. Royal College of Art:The world’s leading university of art and design, founded in 1837.
  7. Sheffield Hallam University:A welcoming community with more than 34,000 students from 113 different countries.
  8. The University of Manchester:A university with a rich heritage stretching back to 1824.
  9. University College London (UCL): One of the world’s highest-ranking universities.
  10. University of Birmingham: Pursuing and sharing knowledge through outstanding teaching.
  11. University of Bristol: A large and vibrant international community.
  12. University of Derby: A city with a long-standing reputation for innovation and industry.
  13. University of East Anglia (UEA): A world top 300 and globally renowned university.
  14. University of Glasgow: Home to 33,000 students from over 140 countries.
  15. University of Southampton:A global center for excellence in research and education.
  16. University of Stirling: Recognized across the globe for excellence in teaching and research.
  17. University of Warwick: A world-leading campus university renowned for forward-thinking and academic excellence.
  18. University of York:A premier institution for inspirational and life-changing research.

Qualities of a GREAT Scholar

To be eligible for a GREAT Scholarship, candidates must embody the following qualities:

  1. Citizenship:Be a citizen of Nigeria.
  2. Academic Background: Possess an undergraduate degree, showcasing motivation and a genuine interest in the proposed subject area.
  3. Language Proficiency: Meet the English language requirement of the UK Higher Education Institution (HEI).
  4. Engagement with the UK: Establish engagement with the UK as a scholar, both personally and academically.
  5. Networking: Be willing to attend a networking event with all UK-based GREAT scholars, fostering discussions and capturing perceptions of studying in the UK.
  6. Ambassadorial Role: Be prepared to maintain contact with the British Council and the respective HEI, acting as an ambassador for the GREAT Scholarships.
  7. Alumni Engagement:As an alumnus of the GREAT Scholarships, be open to occasionally sharing your experiences with potential candidates interested in studying in the UK.

Application Process: A Guiding Light

Embark on your journey to a GREAT education by following these steps:

  1. University Exploration: Visit the university pages mentioned above to discover available courses and detailed application instructions.
  2. Individual Scholarship Application:Apply for individual scholarships by following the instructions provided on each university’s scholarship webpages.
  3. Deadline Awareness: Keep track of the application deadlines for each institution, as they may vary. Refer to the institution page for accurate details.
  4. Awaiting Results:Successful scholars will be informed individually by the universities regarding the outcome of their applications.
  5. Funding Disbursement: Scholarship funding will be issued to successful scholars by individual universities after registration.

Conclusion: Your Academic Odyssey Awaits

The GREAT Scholarships for the 2024-25 academic year present an unparalleled opportunity for Nigerian students to immerse themselves in the rich academic tapestry of the UK. By embodying the qualities of a GREAT Scholar and navigating the application process diligently, you can pave the way for a transformative educational journey. Let this be the stepping stone to unlocking your academic potential and contributing to the global community of scholars. “Seize the moment, explore the opportunities, and let the GREAT Scholarships open the door to a world of knowledge and growth.” Apply now, and embark on an academic odyssey that transcends boundaries, shaping your future in the embrace of world-renowned UK universities.


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