Happy Independence day” this indeed is an oxymoron, it is indeed a combination  of contradictory or incongruous words.

On the one hand is Happy which according to Meriam Webster dictionary means “favored by luck or fortune” and the other hand is Independence which in my own view is far from what would make anyone reasonable or rational man feel favored by Luck or fortune.

Nigerian Independence has been one concept shrouded in controversies of all sorts. In other words the outcome of Nigeria is definitely a far cry from what our fore fathers who fought for it must have envisaged.  If one had revealed to them what the country would look like then they definitely wouldn’t have given their life to free Nigeria from the deep claws of the white man.
Look at the just concluded Osun state election rerun, one election marred with the highest crime rate of all times and as I looked at the results that filtered in, it became very evident that its either the sovereigns are simply not knowledgeable or that they do not care about the feelings of their subject. The election attracted EU, UN observers who refused to accept the outcome of that election and yet am expected to say happy Independence day!  Happy indeed.

If independence means the present day Nigeria majorly characterized by the arbitrariness of its leaders then I would rather be in bondage than to claim to have received freedom, while in the actual sense, Nigeria was free from the white man only to become slaves all over again but this time, the sovereign in charge happens to be a fellow black man, supposedly family, brother but has now become far more dangerous and brutish than their white counterparts.

How can I  scream Happy Independence, when it’s been years of torture, depression, lack, tyranny, bully for the common man. Several laws have been promulgated which in no way favours the common man. In this decay in our country’s system no one is left out, everyone has contributed one way or the other in giving us this “rude shock”

Look at the Road safety official who has left his job description and wandered into what is none of his business on the road, they stop you not because they care but to make sure they find a loophole and bill you. Sad right?

Look at the average government staff, who though acting in his official capacity would still vehemently refuse to do what is expected of him / her without a tip off.

Oh my heart bleeds, do we talk about the irrepressible decay in our academic system, about 95% of secondary schools do not take normal Waec examinations rather the waec official Is tipped off while plenty things goes wrong, so now we see a student with 9 A’s in his/her WAEC result yet she can’t correctly write her name!  

Do we now talk about lecturers who would go to any length to violate their female students with the threat that if they don’t give in, they would never graduate. 

Or is it the high increase in the rate of sexual molestation and harassment in the country, teenage girls are constantly being harassed sexually at home, at school and etc.

Then young girls who instead of praying and waiting for their heartthrobs to come for them they go ahead to hatch a careful plan to destroy an already existing home. 

If the Church is not spared as native doctors have now become pastors on suit dishing out lies in the name of Prophecy. 

Is it the high rate of unemployment that has driven most people to incorrigible extents in a bid to make money so as to make ends meet. 

Do we talk about the poor road network, Lack of steady power supply, poor academic and health facilities infact If I begin to mention the pitiable state we are in, I would end up with an epistle. 

The government is in a horrible state, the leader have turned right to might, they have become tyrants, brutish, bully’s, arbitrary and to them maintaining power has become a do or die affair.

Well on this day it calls for a sober reflection, search yourself and be certain, you do not contribute to any form  of decay, and if you find yourself guilty then get rid of it.

It further calls for certain a clear goal and objectives on how to better our country because if events keep running in its usual course then our tomorrow is one yet unimagined!

And the alter ego of it all, it calls for earnest prayers for our nation on this day asking God to blot away our transgressions and hear our cry just like in the Bible days make Himself feared amongst the rulers. Let those that know their God arise and do exploits. 

I rest my case on this note, I equally withhold my happy Independence slang, I rather say… “Nigeria shall be well come rain come shine”

I Comrade Excel Uchenna remain hopeful that one day just one day things would turn around and I also wish to state categorically to all who would rather withold the truth that “He who fights and runs, lives to fight another day”.
Aluta Continua, Victoria Asserta!

About the author
EXcel Uchenna is a 500 level Law student of Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu University, Anambra state. And currently, the Lawsa Attorney General. 

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