Lessons from Abba Kyari’s Tragic flaws and Nigerians speaking from the two sides of their mouths

Nigeria is fast becoming a theater for trending topics and evanescence stories, just when Nnamdi kanu’s matter was still boggling in the mind of Nigerians, Sunday Igboho’s story came up for discussion but the story was violently and forcefully swallowed by the money spraying exhibition showbiz at Obi Cubana mother’s Burial. Of recent the story of Abba Kyari’s indictment in the infamous notorious hushpuppi’s multimillion dollar fraud is currently suffusing and permeating the internet like a wild inferno. The story has become the hottest gist in town, discussed in every nook and cranny by every dick and harry, some have even gone comical by creating funny Internet memes for the serious matter of National concern.

The name Abba Kyari, trembles and trepidate criminal like the sound thunder, his coruscatingly sleuthing skills and ingenuity in bulldozing criminals into rubbles is unparalleled and deserving of bravissimo. He is a detecting machine, who strikes with mathematical precision to track criminals, his mere presence scare away criminals like a lion announcing it’s presence in the jungle, Nigerians will never forget the way and manner he unraveled the Unknown gunmen mystery in the South East- Nigeria, infact the ingenuity and effort in catching the elusive Notorious Billionaire kidnapper Evans need to be documented at the Guinness book of Record, Abba Kyari arrested criminals effortlessly like the Notorious BAKASSASI Vigilate group, no wonder, he is dubbed as a ‘’super cop’’, metonymically speaking he is the ‘’Jack de bauer’, ‘’ Sherlock holmes’’ and Ebube de Issakaba of Nigeria Police Force. Abba Kyari is a NOT man that can tell stories of war, but a man who fought in the Stories of war told by story tellers and raconteurs.

Like they say, those who hungered, must surely get feed, but the question is, what they hungered after. The character of Hushpuppi voraciously hungered for ill-wealth at the expense of unsuspected members of the public, he branded his name to become a metaphorical expression of luxuriation and flamboyant display of wealth, he spectacularly behold the internet with dazzling pictures, through which he indirectly and aggressively marketed fraud as an occupation, infact viewing hushpuppi instagram page is like going to Cinema to watch movies, but little did he know that he will reap the Karma of his Atrocities.


The profession of police is a very dangerous occupation, with each day passes by, the hunter becomes the huntee. Upon the so many valley Abba Kyari has met, he has always level them up, but the weighty allegation by the USA federal bureau of investigation appears to fiercer than what Abba kyari can handle. Despite his decoration as a ‘‘Super Cop’’ it never stopped the FBI from bringing the allegation, because they believe in the proverbs that, No matter how smooth the ground is, it never stops the rain from falling

What is Tragic Flaw

Tragic flaw is literal expressed , as the costly mistake or Faux paux, that leads to the calamitous end of a Protagonist in a movie , literally speaking is a personality trait or other characteristics of a real or fictional individual which is immoral, destructive, or otherwise faulty that lead to the ruin or profound suffering of that individual. It is also known as Harmatia, mostly found in Shakespearean tragic- play.

Now the Tragic Flaw of Abba Kyari

Like they say, those who put on white shirt, don’t go where they mix dust, those who put on White sneaker don’t trek in the Mud, because if they do, they will surely get stained, indeed Abba Kyari Put on glossy white Sneaker to walk in mucky waters by the mere act of even answering Hushpuppi phone call, he would have timeously caution hushpuppi, without minding what he has to say, but the mere act given hushpuppi a listening ear was the big flaw, he cannot say he does not know who husppuppi is, there is No social media inclined person in Nigeria that does Not know hushpuppy, in fact the mellifluous Timaya’s Banger ‘’ Telli person” posted on youtube August 17, 2017 currently on 12 million views, actually made some conjectures and suppositions of Hushpuppi fraudulent activities.

Without Excogitating and lucubrating on the merit of the matter on whether or NOT Abba Kyari actually is an accessory and participi criminis of Hushpuppi crime, the uncontroverted fact is that, the Chief Protagonist in the Scintillating story of Nigeria ‘’Super cop’’, is causing catharsis, lachrymation and lamentations to his fans, Admirers, friends, Nigeria police force and his mentee by his Incorrigible flaw of hobnobbing with the Con artist. The more Abba Kyari tried to Edit his hurriedly issued statement on Facebook to exonerate himself, the more he open Pandora box of Problems for himself.

However, the way and manner Nigerians reacted to the News of Abba Kyari’s indictment was quite mob-lynching, many people vigorously advocated that the dubbed ‘’Super Cop’’ they once praised, should be immediately bundle in to next available flight to USA, this leaves me with the question, whether some human being are still like the biblical Jews who praised Jesus Christ and also shouted crucify him. Many Nigerians suddenly forgot that Abba Kyari was AWAKE while others were at sleep to fight against Criminals to an extent.

Prior before Abba Kyari’s extradition saga, many Nigerians who are not lawyers by profession appears to be more ‘’legally-minded’’ than the lawyers called to the Nigeria Bar Association, they vociferously and correctly argued the position of Law in Sunday Igboho’s Extradition matter, they unreservedly and roundly condemned the illegal Extradition of Nmamdi Kanu, but suddenly, like the way the chameleon changes its colour, they religiously preached to circumvent rule of law and due process to extradite Abba Kyari.

Perhaps, most Nigerians speaking paradoxically and oxymoronically on Abba kyari’s case may not unconnected to the preconceived disdain for any member of the dreaded defunct SARS police force and his inability to score more point in the fight against banditry in his home state.

Legal Opinion

Laconically legally speaking, Abba Kyari’s Extradition to USA is not Automatic but subject to the mechanism of laws which must be followed strictly, the Extradition Treaty(law) of 1935 and the Extradition Act, beholds only the Attorney General of the federation with the toga to initiate extradition proceeding at the federal High Court where he must established a triable issue, it suffice to say that, Extradition of a person is at the Whims and Caprices of the Attorney General.


It is now visible to understand the indispensability of consulting a LAWYER in every circumstances, if Abba had consulted his lawyer he would had known the proper legal steps to take, but like many other Nigerians who treat the importance of lawyer with levity and disdain he hurriedly issued the embarrassing booboo on his Face book page which he later deleted, haven defined it as a mistake by himself.

This Abba Kyari’s case further avail the Nigeria police force authorities the opportunity to exhaustively addressed the perennial issue of Police Brutality and illegal practices by some of the these Police men, the Court in the KURE V COP deprecated the conduct of Police officer acting as a Debt Recovery Agency, this caboodle and chorus No to police brutalization should cause the re-assessment and re-evaluation in the police force.

Many people often reject the service of lawyer, they claimed to be legally knowledgeable, based on the skewed, bias and un-detail legal Report they read online and newspapers but they have forgotten idiom, that you can NEVER be more Catholic than the Pope.

The issue of huspuppi would not have originally arose if the Government have created an enabling business environment and Job opportunity, for youth, because a hungry is an angry man, an angry man is a desperate man. This should prompt the Government to create policies to favour the Youth

Like they say, when the fire dies the ashes remain to bear testimony of the fire, the very undeniable fact of Abba Kyari acceding to hushpuppi bid, may likely persuade the mind of the general public to believe that he actually connived with hushpuppy.

However, Abba Kyari has served the country’s police force meritoriously and should not being immediately mob lynched, although the characterization of most Nigeria Policemen is extortion, intimidation, brutalization and human rights violation may not be inseparable from the character of Abba Kyari.

It will be Bad for Abba kyari to become a TRAGIC-HERO, if he fails to exonerate and vindicates himself, it will be proper for him to go USA and clear himself, because a clear conscience fears No accusation. Of course we know that the police are investigating the allegations but I don’t know whether a dog can bark at his owner.

But we should think that, if Not Abba kyari there would have been so Many Dr Oyenusis, Notorius Anini and el derico Nwa mamas in the streets of Nigeria.


Article by:
Ehidiamen destiny Esq
Uromi – Abuja, based lawyer
Linguistics exhibitionist, lover of lexical invectiveness and a linguistics aficionado.

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