OGUN A.G. RESIGNATION: “Why the next A.G. Ogun State should be home based” Moruff O. Balogun, Esq. urges Governor Abiodun.

The office of the Attorney General of a state is a consecrated one. It is not the birthright of every tom, dick and harry in the legal profession.

It is presumably preserved for lawyers who have successfully distinguished themselves in the practice of law in terms of knowledge, creativity, exposure and above all integrity.

The resignation of MR. AKINGBOLAHAN ADENIRAN from office as the Attorney General of Ogun State is quite painful and untimely considering the ongoing reforms he has initiated in the administration of justice system in Ogun State.

The improved accessibility of justice for the average citizen through the Ogun Public Interest Law Partnership which matches indigent clients with pro bono lawyers.
Protection of the rights of suspects in detention through regular inspections by duty solicitors engaged under the Police Duty Solicitor Scheme.
Use of technology to monitor the plight of pre-trial detainees with the Corrections Information Management System and Justice Clock.
Gradual introduction of forensics into policing.

The most recent introduction of the Case Management and Scheduling System in conjunction with the Ogun State Judiciary.

All the above reforms introduced by MR. AKINGBOLAHAN ADENIRAN which have been yielding positive results in Ogun State are some of the reasons why the next Attorney General should be “home based”.

Ogun State could not afford to start de novo. A solid foundation built by MR. AKINGBOLAHAN ADENIRAN should be sustained and improved upon. He did not act in isolation, and the brilliant part of him is that all the stakeholders in the justice administration in Ogun State such as Ogun State Judiciary, all the five [5] branches of the Nigerian Bar Association [NBA] in Ogun State, the police, civil societies e.t.c. were carried along by him. Therefore, bringing a “foreign based” Attorney General who will not key into all the ongoing reforms in the justice sector in Ogun State will be catastrophic and backward looking.

Undoubtedly, we have more than enough distinguished lawyers who are based in Ogun State, and who are also part and parcel of the ongoing reforms that could sustain and build the more on the tempo.
Our amiable Governor, Prince Dapo Abiodun MFR is urged in the interest of progress and continuity to kindly look inwardly.

Ogun State as a gateway state is known for her leading position among other states in Nigeria, and our amiable Governor is further urged to do all what is necessary in this case to sustain the legacy.

Moruff O. Balogun is a legal practitioner, author, social commentator and Political analyst.

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