Copyright Protection for Literary Productions of ChatGPT: Legal Issues and Prospects

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Abdullahi, Soliu Dagbo



Generative AI has significantly impacted research and contents creation. Since its launch in November 2022, ChatGPT has emerged as an AI platform that provides exceptionally accurate responses that are often better than what human researcher could provide within such seconds.

Due to its nature of being fast and often accurate without having to navigate a bunch of search engines, many users instruct it to write assignments, speeches, articles and it is now common that students seek its aid in writing their long essays.

Many a time, the outputs of such works result from collaborative efforts between the user and the AI; in the sense that the latter presents some information which the former develops and adapts to his use. Some other times, texts are solely generated by ChatGPT; in the sense that the content has no human contribution and as such does not qualify human to be regarded as the author.

This has prompted a series of complicated legal issues, especially as it relates to copyright. At the moment, works created solely by ChatGPT are not protected by copyright200 but discussions are ongoing that predict an attempt to extend copyright protection to contents created by AI. This has stimulated a plethora of untangle legal questions; one of which boarders on whom should be credited as the authors of contents generated by ChatGPT -whether only humans or whether the AI itself can be regarded as the author, particularly when the output is creative.

This paper seeks to navigate the complexities and nuances of literary productions of ChatGPT and intellectual property laws to predict the prospects of copyright laws and policies in relation to AI-generated contents.

Keywords: ChatGPT, Intellectual Property Law, Author, Copyright, AIGenerated Contents


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Copyright Protection for Literary Productions of ChatGPT: Legal Issues and Prospects

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