Rejoinder To Ebun-Olun Adegbuwa SA

I agree with the learned Silk’s position. However, I hold the view that, the position of the learned Silk should not be selective, in other words, the statement should be indiscriminate.

We should not cry out our grievances only when a section of the nation is illegally handled. Many lives were lost in cold blood in more than what you can describe as brutal from different parts of the country inclusive, the state where the learned Silk comes from, unfortunately, the learned Silk didn’t even condemn the killings not to talk of inviting NBA to stop its plan to hold a conference in a particular state.

I believe every lawyer has a respect to humanity. We condemn the act of killing Deborah without invoking any process as provided by our extant laws. But that doesn’t mean that we can comprise or excercise any level of patience when any insults is directed against our Sacred and Holy Prophet (SAWW).

I am using this platform to also counter the call of the learned Silk to the NBA which states that I planned program be stopped because of the killing of Miss Deborah, I hereby call the NBA not to cancel the conference scheduled to hold in Sokoto State based on the reason stated by the learned Silk.

There are brutal killings of innocent lives almost everywhere in Nigeria and the NBA doesn’t cancel its activities based on that notwithstanding that the NBA is not happy with such acts and the Deborah’s killing should not be the start. NBA doesn’t belong to any individual or political party or religion or tribe or any section of the country. NBA doesn’t discriminate NBA always fights for respects of fundamental human rights of any person and same should continue.


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A.U Hajji, Esq is the Principal Associate, A.U Hajji & Associates. He is a prolific legal author.

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