The Law on Tinted Glass in Nigeria.

The insatiable nature of man has made him to always seek luxuries in his life. There are instances wherein laws are enacted to regulate the usage of such luxuries.
In Nigeria, one of those laws is the MOTOR VEHICLE (PROHIBITION OF TINTED GLASS) ACT which regulate the usage of tinted glass car.
We shall hereunder discuss the said Act “MOTOR VEHICLE (PROHIBITION OF TINTED GLASS) ACT” especially the regulations and penalty for its violations

Section 1 of the act states that:
“Except with the permission of the appropriate authority designated for the purposes of this Act and for such good cause as may be determined from time to time by the appropriate authority, no person shall cause any glass fitted on a motor vehicle to be tinted; or shaded; or coloured lightly or thickly; or darkened; or treated in any other way, so that the persons or objects in the motor vehicle are rendered obscure or invisible”.

The law recognizes that there are some vehicles brought into the country with the glass already tinted. The law states in section 3 of the Motor Vehicles (Prohibition of Tinted Glass) Act that anyone who imports a vehicle with tinted glasses into the country is allowed to change the glasses within a period of ninety days.

Anyone who decides to drive around in a tinted glass vehicle without a permit is committing an offence.

It should be noted that the law permits two grounds where a tinted glass vehicle could be driven around; 

First is on the grounds of security reasons and the second is medical reasons. If you need to get a tinted glass permit, you have to tender either of these two reasons beyond reasonable doubts.

The authority to issue a tinted glass permit is bestowed on the Inspector General of Police or any person or authority authorised by him to give such permission.

PENALTY: Section 4(1) provides;  Any person who commits an offence under this Act shall on 
conviction be liable to a fine of N2,OOO or to imprisonment for a term not exceeding 6 months or to both such fine and imprisonment.

Oringo Bamidele Gabriel
Director of Research, Roots Associates Chambers, University of Calabar

Emame Ani
President/Head of Chambers, Roots Associates Chambers, University of calabar
For knowledge and Justice
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