yes we have had a rigorous year, laboring under recession, financial mismanagement and political instability, distrust and apathy, we have  seen the lowest fall of naira. we have  become poor they say but still we have survived all this and continues to live as victorious men and women.

 we have continued to show resilience. we continue to stand strong fighting the forces of nature which in their numerous and hydra headed dimensity wages war against the very fabrics of our existence. a wise man once  said that the end of a thing is better than its beginning. the journey is gradually winding down and the year 2016 is beautifully shutting down.

it’s 2months to go and this is 1st of November.. I seize this opportunity to wish you who has seen it all. to Congratulate you who has not lost faith. to celebrate you who stood the test of time. to pray for you who reads this chat that you will see 2017.


we the legalideasforum wishes to congratulate our viewers who now counts in their thousands and wish them a highly belated happy new month. as we all again collect a  new slate from the threshold of life and destiny. as we again begin to live on a new page 100 percent ours and incontestably our right to so deal with it as we deem fit. let us bear in mind that life is a one traffic road there are no reverse it is ahead ahead. a forward movement, hence we must make the most out of the little existence we have while we tarry here below.. all things are not bright and beautiful and nothing really are the way they seem. facades of illusions and disillusionment beclouds our daily living. then there is a requirement that we apply caution in our decisions and choices.. they shape our destiny, they make us who we will become. hence the need to muster the courage to make the right decisions at all times. it is impossible to right the wrongs when they have been committed. we should be proud of our decisions and be ready to live by them. obviously we must make mistakes but they necessarily need not  define who we are.

November is here and December is around the corner. it is not too late to achieve that which you purpose in your heart. let us as pilgrims live each day as our last, let us plan our future as if we will live forever. as we progress in the century things change with great vehemence That they become rather too overwhelming. leading majority out of track, who now live a life they do not intend, a destiny they do not desire.this and more constitute the very source of internal conflict that rips out the sweet savour of humanity in us.. we live a life of sorrow and penury having lost the gold for wood.

intending not to deliver a sermon. I will like to wish you all a happy new month of good tidings, miracle, favour, success, testimonies and numerous other heavenly blessings.

from me njokudavidchibueze. I wish you all the best things of life. and I advice that you continue to visit our site… and as well we promise to give you just that knowledge you need, that motivation to carry on. that vital information that will change your life for the better..


our Motto remains the same… for knowledge and Justice… we believe that it can only get better…. CBND loves and appreciate you. thanks

For knowledge and Justice
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