It’s been fifty eight years since the very first time we were handed responsibility, control and the decision to guide our own future which at the time was already set in play for us. It’s been over five decades since when our future was placed into our hands and the joy of the giant of Africa complete.
Admist the chaos and doom we have been subjected to over the course of this golden decades ranging from inflation to corruption, nepotism to despotism, election malpractice to budget padding;there is the magic brought by the Ist day of October. This day though having lost all the joy that once beautified and classified it is still a day that rings a bell in the heart of every Nigerian. It’s a day where as the clapper sways side to side we reflect on our fallen heros who fought for a dream they believed in, a dream they envisaged their generations before them would benefit from and actually a dream they materialized and made kinetic.
Going down memory lanes we would say that a lot of things have gone wrong and some others right. Stating the obvious would be like unraveling the book of death that has been lost for ages.
This day is the day when we reflect on our progress from 1960 and ask our conscience if we still have one HOW DID WE GET HERE?  How did we move from 1 dollar equaling 0.93 niara to the mountain we have now, how did we let go of the good in us and embraced greed, corruption and hunger for each other’s blood? 

When we look back one can say we let the white man win because when he was here he said we are not yet ready to take care of ourselves and if he left us we would not last. Everyday we do things that don’t replicate the dreams of our forefathers, the unseen battle they fought for, the unscripted scripts they scribbled and the life they shed.

On a day like this we drop our big grammars, our education system, our clothes and face the real burning question How did it get so bad?  So many things are wrong in this our great nation and if only we can revert our thinking and play back the scripts of 1960.
There have been several people who have led us in search of the pride we once held and though they go in sometimes with good intentions they let their human side win and greed of people around them sway them.
Our beloved country is in shamble, we are suffering in the midst of plenty, we are in a river with soap blinding us, we are hungry with food all around us. We have sold our consciences and freaked out when we were supposed to stand as we are and okaywith whatever we get and nothing scarces us other than Sickness and death.
On a day like this we leave professions, religion, tribe, worth, name and all come together to reason like human beings irrespective of who we are if we kill our human side we can never get off of the mess we created as the monster we are deliberately nurturing today has already grown so well and has started forming an army. That monster will engulf and soak us in our own blood if we don’t wake up and see that we are capable of being better and capable of being a strong force.
Posterity would not forgive us if we loose the magic of independence and let its light burn out.
Happy birthday old lady
Happy independence fellow compatriot
Happy renewed magic. 
About the author 
OKEKE CASMIR ODILI is a 500 level Law student of Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu University, Anambra state and a member of the SUG Senate. 

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