Law truly goes beyond writings on the pages of the law book, it does have a soul and only those who can wield control over it can truly understand the essence of legalism.


 Law is akin to a pregnant mother or the dawn or dusk of the day which is ordinarily erratic because you are not ably of a seer nor are you a superhuman to unearth the outcome of the above allegory.

 Lawyers and law students alike will often time make conclusive and rash positions of law as buried in the books, but failing to determine within exactitude and accuracy of what the offspring(case) will be of when the legal principles and the facts are pinned to legal criticisms , artifices, cross examination and reexamination.

 The character of the law and the imports of arguments become frustrating with wide ranging issues. within the realm of jurisprudence, The law becomes uncommon and metaphysically intriguing, and the lawyer and students becomes so much uneasy as to the dangling and capricious mind of legal issues. What then will the lawyer or student do in this chaotic predicament?

 Normally, I opine that there lies the oracle or effigy which is an epitome of law that comes like a deux ex machina to decide the case without the consciousness of the judge or fellows in the temple of justice. In the enterprise of jurisprudence , this assertions are illusions or a notional opinion which the reasons of these men have not grasped. so, law in practice is a parity to what it is in the the books. In practice, it is frustrating, rigorous, painstaking, unprecedented and incredible of what is embedded in the books.

 Law lives its real life in practice. and in the books it is merely a Shadow of what truly is. we only make frantic efforts to unravel it through the pages of our law book which in all is futile.



 Above all that has been opined by all known legal scholars about the utilitarian nature of law, a common trend that underscores their diverse opinion is the concept of justice for which the law was, is and meant to be, however, defending the cause of justice in practice has proven to be a very difficile task and it boils down to the fact that the term is quite relative and may appear with different face at various intervals.

 students of law are left in complete discombobulation because they find in the field of play an entirely different game contrary to what they are taught in class. does it stem from their inability to construe law using a standard they are comfortable with than try to grapple with a set of rules like the Armour of Saul on David.. which they cannot professionally use to be able to prosecute their case.

 law in the real life is more of putting into your legal knowledge your innate common sense, being more direct in your approach and facing issues headlong armed with your own concepts of what you think justice in your case should be… Then and only then can one safely practice law without incuring the risk of falling into grave error and mistake of judgement or worst still travesty of justice.


For knowledge and Justice
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