Towards A Panacea For Gas Flaring In Nigeria’s Oil And Gas Sector


Gas flaring has become a parasite sucking wealth and health out of Nigeria and Nigerians. Paradoxically, as one of the major crude oil producers in the world, Nigeria is also ranked one of the largest flaring countries in the world due to reasons ranging from inef icient anti-gas flaring laws, weak enforcement of the anti-gas flaring laws, lack of adequate industrial facilities required to commercialize abundant gas resource being flagrantly flared, inadequate fiscal policies and regime that favour investments in gas utilization projects etc.

The gas flaring has occasioned the emission of greenhouse gases and a waste of natural resources which could have potentially spawned billions of dollars for the Federal government. A point of focus is the reason many of the significant oil and gas companies that operate in Nigeria and also operate in other advanced countries still flare in Nigeria but would not dare to do the same in the advanced countries. It is of utmost concern that the menace be put in check to avoid further human and environmental degradation.

The study aims to examine gas flaring in Nigeria, and its ef ects on the health, environment and economy of Nigeria and Nigerians respectively. it examines the legal frameworks for preventing gas flaring in Nigeria’s oil and gas industry. It also examines the challenges and factors limiting the prevention of gas flaring in Nigeria. As the major fulcrum of this study, it offers legal panaceas to the menace of gas flaring, which has affected Nigeria’s health and economy.


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Towards A Panacea For Gas Flaring In Nigeria’s Oil And Gas Sector

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