The bitter truth is that no one is worth your time,attention, and your care. at the end of the road you will find that you have probably invested in the wrong person, that you have wasted your precious time on persons who does not value nor deserve your person.

It pisses me off to see close friends fight and engage in horrid conflict but what more do you expect from someone who has known you in and out, over familiarity sets in and respect is lost which starts bits by bits until it’s full blown and blows off the lid.. conflict escalates and most times become irreconcilable.

“what we intend to bring us great joy and happiness finally becomes the source of our greatest sorrows” my mum would always say. it is sometimes more painful trying to patch up the situation and act as if all is well and most likely the best option is to walk away and find some other unworthy friend patiently waiting for the time of disengagement which will always happen.

I have learnt that the best form of friendship is when you allow others to choose you as their friends. you have no responsibility for their joy, you owe them nothing and they struggle to make you happy. loving some one else is truly a difficult task especially when that other person does not reciprocate that love.

In a world where it is becoming increasingly important to hang around with people and try to get in touch with peers to always be in the know, I am aware that it is impossible to survive alone. one must take the bargain, allow yourself to be hurt by others. follow them still and don’t act like you care about what they do or say. get what you want out of them give them what you can and forget them when it becomes necessary and hook up with others waiting standby.


 just live your life and don’t trust anyone too much to make them in charge of your happiness because you must be disappointed by folks who pretend to be loyal while they are not. who act as if they care while they wish the worst happen to you. who laugh with you and laugh at you behind with mocking scorn and contempt. hypocritical beings waiting to betray you at an appointed time. wolves in sheep clothing and ravenous beast lying in wait to scavenge, maul and devour at the slightest opportunity.

If you must move on in life, I think you need persons who are willing to help you achieve your dreams and you help them achieve theirs so that a balance is maintained and when you decide to  walk away, it will be win win on all sides, there will be no regrets as we all got we wanted in the relationship.

to expect more, is to be act in error. it only takes a miracle to find true friends who come into your life not for what they can get but for what they can give, who are willing to stick with you forever no matter the circumstances, who are prepared to journey with you through the rough and rocky terrain of life, who is ready to forgive your mistakes and over look your shortcomings, a friend who stands with you even when family deserts. a friend who is closer than a brother. a pristine gift of inestimable worth and value who respects your opinion and differ with humility when he has a contrary view, a friend who is proud to teach you the way without expecting any thing in return, a friend who cries and laugh with you always. now! that’s what I call  TRUE FRIENDSHIP.


Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu University Anambra State.

For knowledge and Justice
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