WHERE IS MR PRESIDENT? by valentine Ezeuchu. (Murphy) .


It is no longer news again that our president has extended his vacation which was meant to elapse on the 6th of Feb 2017.although the president had formally written to the National Assembly seeking  to extend his vacation and also handing over to the vice president who will continue to act in his capacity as the president,This means that Mr president has fully complied with the provisions of the Constitution. hence, there is no vacuum which the constitution abhors.

 Having said this, the problem I have with the whole vacation extension is the reasons and response of our “OGA’s AT THE TOP”.as regards the whole process although from inception, this admistration is known to always come out with conflicting informations.Either the office of the president is saying one thing & The information minister is saying another,or the vice president says something contrary to that the office of the president had said,or the president himself debunks what his spokepersons have said, such is the confused system of administration and communication since power went to the APC.


The Twitter handle ascribed to the information minister Mr Lai mohammed had tweeted on Sunday that Mr president’s return was hampered by faulty aircraft,though he came out the next day to deny it.
Femi Adesina the president’s spokeman has tried to explain the reasons why the president extended his vacation.what I adduced from the whole explanations is that the medical tests ran on my president is not yet ready and that the president also need some time to rest.he also went further to urge Nigerians to pray for Mr president.similarly the Vice president speaking in a function yesterday stated that he spoke with the president to keep him abreast of the developments in the country.from the above statements is clear that Mr president is sound and healthy.

 It is a natural fact that no human is immune to sickness,infact the immunity granted to the president by sec 308 of the 1999 constitution does not extend to sickness.
Now the question I tend to ask myself is whether it will amount to a crime if the president falls sick just like every other human being.If the answer is in negative then why is femi adesina and yemi osibanjo insisting that the onus lies on the president to prove his true state of health.Also for the president spokesman to insist that we owe Mr president our prayers,yes even the bible appreciate the view that we should pray for our leaders.But I want to know what we are praying for;whether we are praying because they carried out some medical tests on Mr president or we should pray for Mr president to enjoy his vacation in London while the masses are here in Nigeria suffering  since they insist the president is and was never sick.

Subsequently, I ask  if truly Mr president left this country with tax payers money just for a medical check up what happens to the billions of naira allocated to the Aso rock clinic in the 2016 budget.Also if he goes to London for just mere medical check up I wonder where he will go to when he now falls sick (maybe Pluto or Jupiter).

 The point am trying to make is that, I think Nigerians deserve to know what is wrong with Mr president.In as much as Mr president just like every other citizen enjoys the fundamental right to personal life as enshrined section 35 of Constitution.The right in my opinion has been limited the day he took oath to occupy the highest and most respected office in the country.


On this note I think I may now repeat that question again Where is Mr President? …

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