56year Old Nigeria

Today, 01/10/16, Nigeria says she is 56…..it’s okay.
   I learnt about certain things, i learnt that a man of 50years must have achieved most of his set goals in life.👌
Nigeria is now 56years but the question is “have we actually achieved much?… As far as am concerned, this country has achieved absolutely nothing!
At 56, she is still a developing nation and I come to ask again…” when will Nigeria attain greater height? When will the promises of the so called past and present leaders be fulfilled? When will Nigeria get better?… When👐??” All these questions we ask, without much hope of getting an answer. But then, the worse came…. Tragedy❗
  Tragedy befell this country the very moment this present day government took over the mantle of leadership from its predecessor whose governance was much better😏.
 This government has brought nothing but penury amongst the citizens of the nation😖.
Oh! We prayed for a leader👱 but what we got was a “ruler”👵🏾, a militant in a democratic setting👨🏻. Since he came, things really ‘changed’, things went wrong, Nigeria started falling apart🌪 and to make things worse, he doesn’t care at all.
  Those from his origin are nomads😑, he is so insensitive on the plight of the sufferings of the citizens, hence deems it fit  traveling around the world. A ruler without vision I call him😞, he is the worse thing that has ever happened to Nigeria.
  But I know one day, he shall rule no more for I dream of a leader sent by God to make things better, I dream of a perfect and peaceful Nigeria🏙 and I see that day coming.👁
    It looks foolish to say “Happy Independence” for what is there to be happy about😡? I can only wish us a Happy New Month and the Grace of God upon us therein🌧.
 Today, let us pray for a better tomorrow🙏🏼
Let us pray for a better leader to make things right. 🙏🏼
Let us pray for our country Nigeria. 🇳🇬
Let us pray to become the better leaders this country could ever have🙏
   Let us pray, let us pray….for it can only and only get Better!!!

For knowledge and Justice
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