An Open Letter To President Of Nigeria On Nigeria’s Independence Day Celebration.

Your Excellency M. Buhari

Earlier today I read your independent day speech.  Thank you for acknowledging that Nigerians are hungry and suffering. Thank you equally for approving to rehabilitate Enugu-Onitsha Express way, the conditions of the road now is nothing to write home about.

Mr. President of course you know your the Father of this nation via your age and as a President. You should carry every body alone not  withstanding the ethnic group, political party or religion. Remember we have one thing in common; we all have black hairs, dark skins, we all learn English language as official language yet have our mother tongue, so we all share one thing in common.

Mr. President in your political appointments you can’t deny that you favoured on group of people. That is why some groups are feeling they do not belong. You know in Nigeria politics when a Northern is a President, the rest takes and understands that government as a government of the north by the north and for north. Mr. President prove to us that’s not true.

Mr. President I have expected you to visit all the geopolitical groups in Nigeria. I don’t know your reasons but try and visit all of us and make us feel your the President of all not some people. Moreover your kinsmen are giving us tough time.

Mr. President I salute on your political will to  fight against corruption. Continue but you know corruption have eaten deep but if you can continue the fight you will emerge as a Hero.

Mr. President as a leader you must be humble enough to seek advice from experts in each sectors. Like in economy, humble your self and seek the assist of Iwuala and Soludo and other experts to address the economy.

Finally Mr. President the world stand to let pass the person who knows where he is going to.

In your journey to pass, people will throw stones to you but it’s your choice to build walls or bridge.

For knowledge and Justice
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