The giant of Africa,our great nation is 58 today. 
58years without any solid or tangible achievement. 
58 years characterised by nepotism and tribalism. 
58 years of institionalizing corruption. 58 years of self inflicted abject penury. 

I decided to choose this topic of mine because, we have stayed too long a whole 58 years and all we could do is to destroy this country through one way or the other,to inflict lethal blows on her and still we are not perturbed. Permit me to say we are sitting on a keg of gun powder that could explode any time from now and that we are beating the drums of terror.

Today, amidst what is happening in our country, we are celebrating 58 years of our independence and we will take a look at the present situation of things in the country and determine whether we are matured or immature at 58.

An English adage has it that “A fool at forty is a fool forever”. I don’t want to believe we have become fools but we could find out if we are foolish or wise at the end of this rendition.

We live in a country where election is more important than the electorate, the lives of the citizens or better still the Electorates are not important to an average politician as his elections. He is only interested in hoodwinking the public when elections is around the corner, he only becomes friendly buying corn,bean cake or even roasted plantain from the road side, visiting the people in the market only when elections are around the corner and showering them with gifts and these gifts comes every four years . The funny thing is that these people still throw their support behind these devils that loot the treasury dry and sheepishly sing their praises and campaign for them on social Media. How can a person sing the praises of another when he gives him 50 kobo out of a whopping 1 million naira belonging to him, is it not a fool hardy thing to do?

The politicians share out money to win the elections and get themselves involved in vote buying. The electorate are also not short of the blame because they go to the polling booth with the intention of selling their vote to the highest bidder. An average politician does not want a free and fair election because it will not favour him, and the electorate are everly ready to aid him by selling their votes. hmm..  don’t you think we are beating the drums of terror? Nemesis will definitely catch up with us no doubt.

We can see a clear example of this in the just concluded gubernatorial elections in Osun state that was keenly contested between APC’s Oyetola and PDP’s Adeleke  is it not surprising that the people of Osun voted for a party owing an arrears of salary . The elections to crown it all was in no way close to free and fair it was marred by irregularities to even worsen the matter the election was declares inconclusive by the returning officer on the grounds that the total number of cancelled registered votes were more than the margin between the candidates this is clearly an abberation of section 179 of the 1999 constitution of the federal republic of Nigeria. I don’t know the law the returning officer relied on to declare the election in conclusion. whatever law that may be, it is in conflict with the section 179 of the 1999 constitution of the federal republic of Nigeria. and should be null and void for such reasons see Section  1(3) of the 1999 constitution of the federal republic of Nigeria. Although all these happened people are still supporting the outcome of this election because of selfishness and bias other than the betterment of the society at the detriment of our legal system, democracy and socio-political Development. Oh! we are indeed beating the drums of terror.

We are approaching another election year, and the tension is building up already. alot of candidates has started their normal process of sweet tonguing and hoodwinking candidates by means of empty promises. it is suprising that PDP that led this country for 16 years without achieving anything and APC that has led Nigeria for 3 years plus and has performed worse than PDP are at the fore front of seeking power. Many political harlots has also emerged defecting from one party to another for their own selfish aim and our people still supoort these people that has caused more harm than good in our society to continue in Government. Oh! I weep for us because we don’t even know we are beating the drums of terror.

The economy is in shambles and people are merely after what they will gain instead of trying to better the economy and we still sing the praises of these people. we have fully started beating the drums of terror. The various local industries has been neglected and the economy has been refused to be diversified and we live and exist in Nigeria supporting those who has caused all these to continue to lead us. I don’t want to say we are foolish but let me say we lack reasoning, this drums of terror is indeed sounding high now and the pitch is rising .

We refused to obey the laws and do what we suppose to do to better our country under the guise that, this is Nigeria and anything can go. We go around bribing people, killing our brothers and ass licking politicians for ill favour and yet we want a better Nigeria, the government is not also helping matters as it also specialises in flauting court orders and this is evident in the cases of Dasukki and El- zazaky. Can one eat his cake and still have it? Bet me we have started beating the drums of terror already.

The students in the country pay through their nose to gain a degree yet their degrees are referred to as substandard and they are unemployed yet the same students go on abroad and become the best crop of students there and other students that believe that they have long legs sort their way through and these never do wells gain employment easily and further destroy our society and we are hoping for the best.  I advise us to also expect the worst because the drums of terror has already started sounding.

 The president of Nigeria is moving from one country to another and instead of lobbying foreign investors to come and make investments in Nigeria thereby creating employment opportunities, he castigates Nigeria, calling her names and thereby discouraging those intending to come and invest in Nigeria. And he is shamelessly seeking for a second term in office as president of Nigeria and so many enemies of progress in Nigeria are supporting this man with little or no achievement to continue as president. God save us from this deafeaning sound of the drums of terror.

The president is only after starting up operation python dance in the east and crocodile smile in the south while his tribes men (Fulani herdsmen)are moving around the whole country killing innocent citizens and destroying properties worth million of naira yet he nobody questions them. he refers to them as common criminals he wants to continue as president and people are supporting him.  I can hear the sound of the drums of terror.

We have institionalized corruption, the police, military etc stand on the road to collect bribe openly, most offices request for bribe before rendering their lawful duties to the society. The people are also quick to give out bribe to scale to the next level. too bad I must say, we are really beating the drums of terror.

The factional fight against corruption is indeed doing more harm than good. if you are in APC you are a saint if you are in other parties you are a looter. How can a president claim to be fighting corruption and allow a governor owing arrears of salary in his state Governor Yahaya Bello to purchase his nomination form which is worth 45 million naria? Indeed corruption is been fought against and alot of people are applauding this show of shame. they don’t even know they are beating the drums of terror.

Permit me to say that as a result of the state of things in Nigeria,  Nigerians domiciled in Nigeria hardly attain their full potentials and we are not perturbed? we are beating the drums of terror and the dance that follows the drums of terror is the dance of death. I pray we do not die but I am still pessimistic that Nigeria can be great again and even succeed.

Let us stop beating the drums of terror and start doing what is right. Let us stop giving and taking bribes. Let us stop selling our votes. Let us aid the society to  get better and it shall be well 

                              Ya gazie 

About the author
CHUKWUMA JAMES is a 400 level Law student of Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu University, Anambra state and a concerned citizen of Nigeria.  


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