***follow your dream ***part 1

Without proper outlined knowledge of one’s purpose, failure to prepare and get equipped for the future, one will arrive at his destination without knowing he has but will continue to wait in vain for a future he already sees. the end result is that he walks away from his destiny without knowing he has met it and finally become a mediocre, a man without dreams, vision, hope or tomorrow because it is lost. he lives the life of mediocrity, penury, loss, regret and sorrow. such is the life of any who fails to prepare today for what he expects to see tommorrow;A warrior who fails to sharpen his weapons today will definitely loss his life tommorrow at the war front by the first stroke of the enemy. his weapons are useless, it cannot save him, it cannot protect him. he has no mastery of them . he is defenseless and can only be a victim of war, a casualty, an unfortunate candidate of circumstances. check out David with the sling and the stones.. he understands those gadgets. and can use them effectively. it is a kind of bond between the fighter and his machines.

The future is a by product of yesterday and today. Hence, he who knows yesterday can understand today and will predict tomorrow. the future is in your hands lay hold of it and take it by force if need be.

in life, help no one because you expect a reward but because at such time, it is most convenient for you and does you no harm to do because your benefactors turn out to be your worst enemies who only came to seek your help expecting your refusal, help them though and you must have  shown them the uniqueness of your human mind and person.. Truly it pays to do good. however, you will live with no regrets not helping anyone. that also has its own cost, for no man knows tomorrow. an igbo adage has it that the right hand washes the left and the left is expected to wash the right, they both at the end come out clean. meaning that no one can survive the journey of life alone. the role of interpersonal cordiality at all time cannot be underestimated for your benefactor today may turn out to be the next step to your upliftment. I speak only to the wise. however, a wise farmer watches the richness of a soil before he attempts to plan a seed there. so as not to waste his seeds in unfruitful venture.. hmm. he must see tomorrow with the eyes of today…. CBND.

For knowledge and Justice
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