The month of October is a special month in the life of our country Nigeria, and in this month I have already written my first article that can be found in Today the theme of this write up painted sepulchres, is so because it wants to discuss the political class of Nigeria. Here the sepulchres, refers to tombs where dead people are buried though they are painted and decorated very well it houses decayed bones. Here the caption refers to the politicians as such because during the campaign they paint and decorate themselves as angels, they deceive the people into accepting them and voting for them. They come with self righteous indignations and messianic pretences, when right right within them is wickedness, squalor, embezzlement of public funds, murdering of innocent masses, lies and deceit. 
When one compares the time of their campaign with their various tenures in offices one will not but marvel at the degree of change that has occurred in them. Just as one will marvel after viewing the ornamental appearance of the sepulchres from outside only going inside to discover that it houses only but decayed bones. Some of these changes are :
1.Most people share food items when campaigning one of the most popular amongst them is Ayodele Fayose who termed it stomach infrastructure. He made the people believe him that he has what it takes to lead them to the promised land, but the aftermath of his being voted into office is owing of workers salary,even the agriculture that aided him to win,he abandoned it chasing shadows if only he can be able to revive agriculture things will get better in his state.
2.Most governors campaign with motorcycles popularly know as okada but at the inception of there tenures, they remember that it breeds social evils and place a ban on it, now those whom they claim to have empowered during their campaigns no longer have jobs, how will they survive? Most of them will take up arms and start constituting nuisance to the society. If these painted sepulchres had done the right thing, will this be happening this way?
3 .Most politicians come to various people in the society during campaigns, they pay the hospital bills and sponsor various people to go for various degree of medical care abroad. Some of these people are forced to believe that they are good. When they win the elections the forget the masses, hike the health care bills and refuse deliberately to develop health care facilities. Oh! Painted sepulchres can’t they develop these facilities and make health care bills free in the state? Oh! Painted sepulchres only if our people will look before they leap.
4 .Most politicians offer scholarships during there campaigns,they make people feel that “educare pro developmentalis est” education is for development. These painted sepulchres when they eventually win the election, they forget that education should be developed and subsidised for the poor man to be able to train his children, they leave the various institutions of learning in dilapidated states and go ahead to hike the prices .if you doubt me go to Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu university the only state owned university in Anambra state and see for yourself most of the buildings there weren’t built by the Anambra state government .As a matter of fact the present administration led by Chief. Willie Obiano has not moulded any block there talk more of erecting a building there but the fees is been hiked at intervals with flimsy excuses .Oh! Painted sepulchres,again under Nigeria education system, you are expected to pay in order to accept your admission,Oh! What a fraud and students after toiling day and night are forced to part away with tens of thousands to accept the admissions they have been offered. 
5.Most politicians shower the people with gift of cash, and here the people believe that these painted sepulchres cum exploitative beings are their messiah and they vote them. when these painted sepulchres cum men of the under world gets into power instead of giving the people what rightly belongs to them they deprive them of that even go to the extent of maiming and killing them.
Lastly,I wish to draw the curtain here but not before I have advised the people of Nigeria to look before they leap,don’t sell your votes, don’t sell your conscience, don’t allow them pull the wool over your eyes because these painted sepulchres cannot save us but will only but continue to exploit us .But if we look before we leap it shall be well.

For knowledge and Justice
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