Corruption has become the bane of our society. robbing us all the benefits of good governance and dividends of true democracy. It has eaten deep into the fabric of our society, so deep that we can find it even in the least places. It has penetrated every sector of our country, the religious, political and educational system is not even left out. Over the last couple of years, Nigeria has gained unprecedented global attention on account of corruption. and the then British prime minister, finding no better description for how corrupt our country was, stated that Nigeria was fantastically corrupt. A statement that brought us not only shame but reduced our reputation in the estimation of comity of nations and in the meaningful evaluation of our distinguished allies and foreign cronies.

Nigeria is now rated among  one of the most corrupt countries in the world.toping the list for an all time high of more than 10years. The effect of corruption on our nation cannot be over emphasized. and it calls on us all to continue an endless war against the menace which is unfortunately resisting ferociously, all attempts to have it uprooted.

We are known as the giant of Africa and inspite of our immense natural resources,Nigeria is among the least developed countries in Africa, we go about to borrow from countries that are less endowed than we are both in natural and human resources. our debt profile is increasing astronomically by the day, and we seem not to be bothered by the fact that these debt robs our future generations their respective progress as a people. we leave debt which may need fifty years to pay off and we think that’s healthy for our country and economy? no!. more worrisome is the fact that these funds rarely go into meaningful investments but find their way into private pockets. What a joke! so ironically we are  “The  begging rich men”    

Corruption is the clog in the wheel of our development drawing us backwards, depriving us of growth and economical advancement.  we are incapable of implementing developmental programmes. we have been left behind in areas of Industrialization and technological progress happening all around the world. and we have relied heavily on importation to meet up with this relapse.

The widespread of poverty, lack and want, stems from corruption because of the fact that the appropriated national income and revenues are left in the hands of a little few. Hence the saying that “the poor become poorer and the rich are richer.”                          

Moreso, our government institutions has been infiltrated and  the ongoing revelations regarding monies stolen by public officials shows how deep this problem has gone. The huge amount  embezzled by these public officials has enraged Nigerians who has started reacting by seeking secession,engaging in oil bunkering, kidnapping, arson and robbery because they “the people” are suffering.

The fight against corruption is not producing the desired result or effect due to lack of transparency in government’s approach towards the misfortune and menace, it has become somewhat of a political witch hunt. And some of these public officials who are caught in corrupt  practices and who looted funds are set free, and left to go unpunished because they are in good terms with powers that be. the insecurity of informants who even make these report as whistle-blowers is not even guaranteed. Nepotism and lackadaisical implementation of anti corruption laws has weakened the fight against the crime and has made the agencies fighting corruption, “toothless bull dogs”.

In conclusion to eradicate corruption to the barest minimum,we need to have a strong Anti corruption institutions which are  independent, with financial autonomy and controlled by persons with reasonable standard of integrity and financial honesty. people involved in corrupt practices should be duly and properly prosecuted in court specially set out for punishment of corrupt practices. nobody should be above the law, we are all equal before the law and must be subject to the dictates of the law.

Employment should be generated for the youths, getting everyone involved into driving a thriving economy where it shall be prosperity for all. these will go a long way in curbing corruption and other social vices in the country.

©Iloanya Florence


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  1. There is no gainsaying the fact that this publication hits the target with maximum accuracy, clarity and clemency.

    A revealing eye opener of an article. I have learnt that the stronger the voice, the greater the effect. the bolder the speaker the better the situation and that is what happens on this page.

    Thank you Florence for this write up. we truly appreciate your good work.

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