Author: Okoye ifeanyi Macpherson. 

The writings of historians and the multifaceted cum complex interactions of man from earliest of ages down the stream of millennia and decades shows that politics has prominently dominated the networks of variegated endeavours of human life and dreams.It is clearly manifested both in the smallest or tiniest group of people and so, characterized with the microcosm that widens its tentacles to the broadcast segment of human society. By implication, politics is unveiled in all strata of society ,in so far as man and his companions or fellow men remain, it is this cell that makes politics a reality.Moreso, the fact that man is adjudged a social animal makes it extensively tenable that the sociological evolution of man  cannot be severed from politics which is intricately part and parcel of society . This exegesis is not disparous to the unfoldings of politics as it is manifested within the political enclave of Nigeria. Since Nigeria shares in the unique evolution of man.

There used to be a plurality of reasons that trigger predilections for politics, which argumentatively is not at par with the fact that man is a social animal. Evidently, as it draws from the sociality of man, there can be no fulfillment, satisfaction,attainment of goals, interest,and desires both of individuals groups and society at large if man does not deploy the innacy of his political being, ideologies, skills and on the extreme end, the most untamed  and unconventional aspects of his life.consequently, Nigerian politicians, despite the fact they could be said to have a deluge of articulated political ideologies and strategies to realize them, the nation’s brand of politics is brutish and unwelcomed.This because the politics is all in all opportunistic and still, suffers from the psychosis of obsessed megalomania, cupidity and acute egocentrism.And worst of all which is the assassination of  political enemies which has assumed a normative position  in our politics.

It is to this end , that this intellectual missive is devoted to pencil down and satirize the pitfalls that have  demonized the politics of our nation and how it affects the entire polity.

The Nigerian political mannerism is a tribal cum regionally conscious one, orchestrated and clustered on sentiment lines with a penchance for proselytization. This has been the underlying basis of Nigeria’s politics from inception till date.It amplifies also the fulcrum around which our politics revolves.The  attendant consequence are Hydra-headed with venomous dentitions whose bruises trail to dismember the Nigerian state, alongside the surge of socio-economic crisis.

A glance at the annals of the politico-historico with those of the present era depicts an indifference by one region whose elites are in power over a long period of time without the thought of giving  others an equal leverage.This charade is usually unjust and unfair, as it makes for an inegalitarian and unbalanced society since national resources and the treasury of the state Will enormously slouch in one region. Coupled with the fact that other regions contribute to national economy, the unequal swing of the States pendulum will in no distant time breed violent revolution, if after persistent agitations government doesn’t respond. It is appalling that our politics lays on these underpinnings .

“Politics and its intendments in Nigeria is now seen as a commercial empire of profiteering while the downtrodden are derelicted in lose and penury.This situation is attributed to the superficial perception of politics by politicians. These varied adversities are as a result of faulty schemes in our political culture which should have been the primary factor that defines, directs and informs our politics unlike those of the first world with advanced political cultures which dictates its  bearing on the political system.Nigerian politicians have all cause to feed on the  common wealth of the state without accountability as the citizens themselves have turned to merchants  of votes for money and materialism.This has contributed to the banes of politics in Nigeria and those of the third world.A complete mirage and illusion when the discourse of western politics is delved into. ofcourse, there a better and enviable politics is obtained.”

The debacle of the  political mess have caused ravaging epidemia which have spread quickly to other areas of state life including the economy which is the wealth force of the state. For clueless economic policies and failed plans, the economic situation is but a doom, and recession as it is presently seen becomes inevitable.
It is a truism that the political class are constitutionally empowered to make policies for the state,however these  policies are often time not people oriented, consequently the common man in society is badly affected. Mostly, the policies better the lots of a few minority.As a result,  the development of state structures becomes lopsided and sharply demarcated.Nigeria is an example of this travesty and so, the index of poverty becomes a deep chasm.
When the laws of the state fail to come to tandem with the needs of the people which usually are dynamic with time, there tends to be a disservice done which ordinarily is followed by criticisms directed to government. Over time, the citizens of Nigeria have been subjected to the whims and caprices of governments through actions that denigrate the rights citizens on liberty, life, press,religion and movement, which barefaced carefreeness and a lack of concern by government.This is an indication that leadership should  garner societal consciousness for a more responsive approach to sensitive issues especially as constitutionally enshrined.
Government should then aim at policies, laws, and approaches that will align with the vast majority of the people for a progressively  minded state built on the inventories of economic, social, and cultural policies.But the politics of Nigeria is far below seeking the indispensable desiderata of social and economic oscillation as it affects Nigerians, thus vents to nascence when juxtaposed to the real definition of the politics of the west.This explains the need for democratically inclined philosophies that will resuscitate our nation from the cool hands of Machiavellians and famished political predators.This will count as one of the veritable measures that will emancipate our people and set a model of acceptable politics.
It is an ignominy that our political  system has the architecture of politicians, implying that the people being the backbone of democracy are swiftly sidelined from not only what and how politics should look like and its aim and objectives, but from other relevant state affairs. politics in the Nigerian clan becomes the prophecy and parole of a minute circumference of myopic cabals.In this political structure, the machinery of government is streamlined to have  an oligarchic face of few cabals. And a gerontocracy, thus a group or dynasty of seniles.Many of whom are in plentitude in Nigeria without  concern for the people’s plight.

“Overtly, Nigeria is incarcerated in the gaul of highhandedness and senseless proclivities. The bastardisation of Nigerian politics and other relevant institutions that developes with it are not only apportioned to the vampire of local politics, but, it is also brazenly and wantonly trampled upon by neo- colonists -capitalists eccentricities, which sophomore, compounds the cankerworms and vicissitudes that have bedevilled the Nigerian state all along.”

Similarly, the mantra and preponderance of Godfatherism is an innovative political theology of commissioning a beloved son in politics to  fill up the  vacuum left by a political Godfather, just as Jesus commissioned his beloved apostles, and charged them to do, act, and teach as he did when he occupied the seat of priesthood on earth.So, like father like son, the political apostles become leaders like unto themselves masters .This is  rightly termed a novel erstwhile administration.The motive is usually for propagating a political gospel, that serves as the continuation past wreckages.Furthermore, the political apostles are also used as mere vehicles to shuffle and destinate unaccomplished inelegant interest of their political Godfathers. Many times if not often, the fall-outs and feud that exists between Godfathers and their apostles is because of the miscarriage of those selfish interest.
More over, the campaign of calumny and character defamation whether in form of a libel or slander, numbers among the assailants of sane politics in Nigeria. It is an incontrovertible fact of history that our politics is a hook or by crook enterprise where unconventional practices are upheld to achieve power.It is to this end that during campaigns, aspiring leaders spark revolution of vulgar and unedifying languages against their rivals. Campaign grounds become avenues to unleash old  malice and abhorrence. Surely, this is a case study of a coarse and unfriendly political system with a dearth of maturity fairness and Justice .Africa including Nigeria and other third world nations should copy the exemplary styles by western societies of instilling a fundamental conviction and trust into the electorates of their States through the pragmatism of manifestoes. conversely, the political gurus, aspirants and leaders around Africa and Nigeria should endeavour to painstakingly construct an aesthetic political figure of themselves, sound and impeccable in character and in words. Rather than resorting to the unprofessionality of calumny. To this, there will be no room for frustration as usually expressed by the people but a government on which confidence reposed.

The politics of the west becomes a veritable benchmark for African societies.Africa and Nigeria especially, should now rise to the dreams of its fore Fathers.A stitch in time saves nine…!!!!!

Devastatingly, the electoral system is always fraught with massive irregularities and malpractices of every sort.At some point, the state is saddle with various hurdles that makes it to seat on a keg of gun powder. Obviously, this vibrates the polity to premonitions that are both imaginable and unimaginable.The State is thus Left to the fate of anarchy and chaos since the consciousness of law and Justice is blur and obliterated in the minds of contending parties during the polls. The political determinism of only one winner makes the elections even more tougher and tensed as no candidate will want to rest its ego and testosterone at the instance of the other.
Finally, the politics of Nigeria have proven a Byzantine phenomenon, giving the infirmities that have been inflicted on it by politicians. The only panacea to all these foils is to define and implement the course of our political aims and objectives as contemplated in our political philosophies and idiosyncrasies which we have sought to design so that with concerted efforts and candour, our politics will become a catalyst of enthroning meritocracy and ensuring development in all societal dimensions which have been the original and traditional purpose of politics.
OKOYE IFEANYI MACPHERSON is a law student of COOU, a legal author and writer. 
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