The legal ideas Forum Int’l was established on the 4th Sept 2015. The forum is registered within the university and recognized in the faculty of law as an academic based Association driven by its motto: for Knowledge and justice. From inception, the forum has not failed to deliver on its mandate. In 2016, its constitution was enacted and it contains the aims and objectives of the forum,  its leadership structure and programmes. The membership of the forum is open only to law students and lawyers however, it extends its hands of fellowship to institutions, organizations and associations that share same ideology and vision.  

The forum has continued to host and organize numerous platforms for the purpose of sharing ideas and knowledge for law students and the entire university community. Its programmes includes Conferences, Symposiums, webinars, workshops, Library invasion, Juristic visits, caring knights, Interdisciplinary  Conventions. The forum in a bid to reach out to the public has an up and running website www.legalideasforum.com which was launched on the 31st of August 2016 and numerous resourceful publications on different areas of law has been made on the site, articles on socio, political and economic realities   has also been published there by both members and non members of the forum which is intended to provide rich information and knowledge to any who visit the website. Its media handles includes www.facebook.com/legalideasforum, and on instagram as @legalideasforum and on twitter as @legalideasforum. it has also launched its Youtube channel, LIFIN TV.

The Aims and Objectives of the  Association are-
▪To uphold and inculcate in members of this Association a feeling of brotherhood, unity,  and cordial relationship. 
▪To create a platform for intellectual upliftment, Academic excellence and relevance in the legal world and the society at large
▪To promote the observance of proper conduct decorum, condor and etiquettes required of a legal personality.
▪To engage in activities that will advance the advocacy skills of members of this Association. Such activities including, debates, quizzes, mock trials and other related activities
▪To contribute to public enlightenment on matters bothering on legal, political and social issues which are in public interest.
▪To work harmoniously with similar Association within and outside Nigeria.         

The general meeting of all members is referred to as the LIFIN colloquium which is a monthly convergence of all members of the forum and its extended partners and the general public, on every last Monday of the month with a focus on carrying out critical enquiries and survey on the legal foundations underpinning the social, political and economic realities of the Nigerian state and the world at large.  The LIFIN colloquium is a special invitation to the general public to come and share with us diverse knowledge on how to restructure our mental perceptions of the socio-political and economic realities in Nigeria and how to help resolve the challenges. It is aimed at giving participants a clearer perspective on the challenges, sustainable solutions and possible implementations that will not only be helpful in moving us from where we presently are but taking us to where we should rightly be.  It provides a platform for learning anew, for enriching discussions and the privilege to air your opinion on burning issues of national and international concern and to be an active contributor to the development of our societies. It is recommended for every true lover of knowledge and it is believed that with sufficient knowledge, we can conveniently pursue justice which is the driving force of the forum. 

For the year in review, the forum has been pioneered by erudite scholars and professionals who believe that anything worth doing is worth doing well. It has Dr. JA Eze as the staff Adviser, Lady Odife Grace Ifenyinwa as the Patroness, Njoku David Chibueze as the President, Ezeaku Chukwuemelie as the Vice President, Nwakoby Chidimma as the Secretary General Iloanya Florence as the Financial Secretary, Uchendu Victor as the PRO, Ezeuchu Valentine as the chairman BOD and Ezekwe Olivia as deputy, Atusiuba Chukwuebuka as the Director for Academics and Nkechukwu Oluebube as deputy, Ukomadu Lawrence as Director for Library and research and Aghadiuno Nkolika as deputy, Adinnu Dal Elton as Director for Visitations and Obi Chioma as Deputy, Okoli Ifeoma as Director for socials and Welfare,  Esegi Maureen as Director for media and Publicity and Joe-ezeoke Stanley as deputy, Ekwesianya Kingsley as Director for Logistics and Planning and Enemuo Sheila as deputy. And a host of other executives who make up its leadership cadre.

The forum has partnered with numerous Associations including Institute of Chartered Mediators and Conciliators, Rotary club International, NITIMUN, Policy Analysis and Research Congress, GPTI, LAWSA, SUG, and other departments in the university including Political science, Public Administration, Criminology, Economics, English, Pharmacy and they have participated in our numerous meetings and you

 The forum has been invited to numerous events including 

▪  Youth restiveness a product of failed parentage or a result of school environment and failure on the part of teachers. Hosted by National association of Ogidi Students, 2017

 ▪  Presidential Installation hosted by Rotary Club, 2017

▪  Navigating to success in the future of work: Be Extraordinary. Hosted by PARC, 2019

 ▪ Poverty eradication: The way forward for the Nigerian youth. Hosted by NITIMUN, 2019

  ▪ Leadership Exploration and development hosted by SUG Judiciary, 2019

▪  Promoting a green Environment hosted by PARC, 2019

▪  Policy formulation and legal Reforms: a career path for the young Lawyer. Hosted by ASK Class, 2019

  ▪ Being Proactive about the future with Kingsley  Udofa hosted by Unizik Career Development Centre, 2019

 ▪ Importance of International and Corporate law to the Nigerian Legal System, hosted  by ILSA, Unizik Chapter, 2019

The membership of the forum cuts across numerous Nigerian Universities and has continued to spread. They include Ahmadu Bello university, zaria, Lead City university, Chukwuemeka Odumegwu  Ojukwu university, Nnamdi Azikiwe university, Awka,  Acheivers University, Owo, Enugu state university of technology, Obafemi Awolowo university,  National open university of Nigeria, University of Nigeria, Enugu campus, Imo state university, Delta state university, Baze University, Ebonyi state university,  Adekunle Ajasin University, Akungba Akoko. Ondo State. And has participated in the online webinars of the forum.

The forum has been sponsored and supported by numerous firms and corporations in partnership for a collective success and growth. They include Elins company,  Putting smiles foundation, Ovinalk global services, Autograf, VIP purchase, PHmedia hub, Dj West, Gold & Silver Empire, Kitchen kingdom, Tod’s signature, Brandom, Barjay Foundation.
Amongst the numerous events held by the forum the underlisted remains paramount

▪  Visit to the Anambra state federal high court, 2016

▪  The Declining Pursuit towards Academic Excellence: The Way Forward, 2017

▪  Visit to Onyechi Ikpeazu Chambers, 2018

▪  Legal Drafting Workshop and Seminar with Ulasi Mary Ogechukwu, 2018

▪ Leadership and mentorship conference :Leadership Challenges, Pitfalls And Triumph:A Full Disclosure with Rare Gentle Eyisi, 2018

▪  Lifin media campaigns on Forced Child marriage, Armed forces Brutality, Freedom of speech, Violence against Women, Electoral franchise, etc.

▪  Wisdom vibes hosted by Ezeaku Emelie

▪  Caring knights with Njoku David Chibueze

▪  Online Moot/Mock Sessions

▪  Legal Idealism: Panacea to a failing Social Order, 2018

▪  Medical tourism: The challenges of the Nigerian Health sector: The way forward 2018
▪ Employability and Entrepreneurial Expo for young and aspiring Lawyers, 2018

▪ The Future of legal practice in Nigeria: the prospects and the challenges hosted by UNICAL, 2018

▪ The voting dilemma of Nigerian electorates Vis-à-vis party candidacy and blueprints: A holistic overview, 2019

▪ The significance of an efficient tax system as a developmental economic policy in Nigeria: the law, challenges and prospects. Hosted by UNIZIK, 2019

▪ The role of public administration for an  efficient legal service delivery 2019

  • Adopting artificial intelligence to law practice in Nigeria. Hosted by UNICAL, 2019

  • LIFIN Colloquium on socio-political and legal renaissance: The role of ADR in a changing world. With Dr. Ben Odoh, 2019


▪ LIFIN Colloquium: Human Rights abuses and the procedures for enforcement : A practical analysis with Barr. Ijeoma Justus, 2019

▪ Law and practice session/ Legal drafting worksop with Barr. Chito Jeff Modeme, 2019

The forum has awarded and has presented certificates to over 500 individuals, personalities and Institutions. It has over 2000 members cutting across numerous universities including legal practitioners with over 5000 follows on its numerous social media pages, the forum has over 50,000 viewers and readers on its website and is one of the fastest growing Academic institutions in Nigeria and is associated with prominent legal luminaries, professionals and scholars within Nigeria and beyond. The forum hopes to be a major contributor to the development of legal education in Nigeria and promote the cause of justice in our societies.  

On this occasion of 4th year anniversary, it is our wish that the forum continues to grow in bounds and reach out to the society even more than we already have. Happy anniversary to the Legal Ideas Forum International, It’s been 4 years of tireless dedication towards academic excellence and the promotion of justice through unrivaled knowledge. 4 years of immeasurable achievements and growth. Despite the challenges and obstacles, we have continued to soar and have met success along the way. We felicitate and congratulate all executives and members of the forum for the great feats and hope that it can only get better, …for knowledge and justice.

 Long live LIFIN.

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For knowledge and Justice
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