Author:Ezeaku chiemelie K.  

Its Independence, but I ask, 
Are we truly independent?
Are we actually free?
Ok! Maybe we’ve attained freedom, but not yet free from violence,
We are not yet free from corruption,
We are not yet free from bad goverance.
And I ask, when will Nigeria be at peace? 
When will all the zones be treated equally?
When will the so called old fathers leave goverance for we the younger and wiser generation? 
When will Nigeria produce its own goods for export?
When will the country truly become independent?
I keep asking, When? 

I will never fail to recognize the efforts of our founding fathers who fought for this, fifty-seven years ago.
They really fought for this independence,
They envisaged and warned against the problems being faced today.

But I know one thing for sure.
That one day, Nigeria will be free
I know sometime, our country will at peace.
I know with hope, better we’ll be.
And the efforts of all who fought for this, will not in vain be.

Its independence…
We can’t keep lamenting,
We can’t keep complaining,
We cant keep through words, pour our hearts and rage.
Its time to wake up and act.
Its You and I that can make Nigeria better.

Happy Independence Nigeria
I’m glad to be Nigerian,
But only when you truly become independent, shall I of you, proud be.
And I know, someday, better we will make you be!!


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