For every night, there is Morning, challenges are meant to make us stronger and prepare use for the future. Coming to of our economy in recession, we are not blaming it  on past administrations neither are we shifting our burden on the present administration. But the truth of the matter is that you can not separate a message from the Messenger, you can not be going after looters while the average Nigerians die of hunger. You where voted-in quit alright to fight corruption, but are we going to clap our hands for you for fighting corruption while we are suffering.

We are aware of the fact that recession is not only peculiar to Nigerian economy; Venezuela and other countries are facing the same, but the question is what STRATEGY have you put in Place to give us hope that in 6 Months to two years to come things will be better-of than they are today.

The truth is that the Problem with our economic sector is that it is in wrong hands. How can you make an ordinary accountant the coordinating Minister of the economy? Where as we have lots of Professors of Comparative economy in our Universities. Many of them have gone to other countries because we don’t know the value of what we have got (BRAIN DRAIN)

GO outside the confines of people you can trust and bring in people that have got what it takes to make things happen in terms of knowledge and experience

In terms of comparative economy, think of ASIAN TIGERS, G-20. Study their economic policies in 1960s to 1980s. See how they got themselves out of huge debts. And today, none of them is bellow number 20 in world economic ranking. Think of Singapore, Malaysia, Hong kun, Thailand, China, even the world Power USA, all of them faced recession in one time or the other. But what matters is the economic policies they initiated to get themselves out of it.

But here, we are much more interested in fighting our political opponents in the name of fighting corruption without any vision or STRATEGY to fix our dear country.

No matter what, No hope is lost. When I look in the Nearest future, I can see a one United Black Nation in the Community of nations, living in Peace and Harmony, without prejudice, Fear or Injustice. A nation where Justice is enthrone and injustice meant to face the wrath of the law.

Written by Nwoye Chukwunwike

For knowledge and Justice
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  1. Nice words from distinguished scholars. We will as a country start to get it right when we stop doing things the way we used to. And enthrone the rule of law and due process. Over nepotism, tribalism and neo colonialism.

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