Good Leadership attitude among our Contemporaries

Before I delve into good leadership I must ask; what is leadership? does it mean standing over the crowd and dishing out orders, what does it truly entail? to many persons at different place, leadership have so many meaning depending on factors such as sociopolitical, educational influences which  affect a person’s understanding of what leadership is. Hence the understandable misconception and misconceived approach employed in a bid to define the concept, that not withstanding, effort has been made on a wider survey by critical minded analysts and social commentators who has studied a wide range of societal evolution of leadership and has come out with time tested theories and submissions on what it is or should be.





In preparation to deliver this talk, I asked myself a question I think you should also be asking yourself.

Who is a Leader?

Am I a leader?

What makes a leader and a good leader, what makes some leader successful and others not?

Why do most leaders fail? with this mind,the discuss is set to go.


Leadership is the capacity of someone to lead another, a leader is a person that leads or conduct, he is one who has an authority to direct, to start with, effective leadership begins with a correct mindset, that mindset is founded upon an individual’s willingness to lead, to serve others. An effective leader derives the opportunity to step up to be involved in controlling not only his or her personal actions but the actions of those being led. This leadership attitude flow from a reasoned choice, it is a conscious decision to take on the role with all its rights and responsibilities. Amid the natural chaos and interpersonal interactions and interests, effective leaders are able to demonstrate a fixed purpose such leadership is determined to ensure not only that personal goals are reached, but more important that the group achieves its objectives and fulfils its missions. Those who seek to lead in place must be compelled to Lead no matter the personal cost.


Contemporary, it has become a common trend that people tends to gravitate to and hold unto power firmly, that they prefer to die on seat than abdicate the throne. African heads of states ranks about the first in this regard, but how so well they have worked to better their home countries in terms of development is still very much doubted. Hence the wide notion that Africa cannot break away from its chronic problems of neo colonialism,poverty and underdevelopment because it continues to have leadership problems.




A leader is he who is not selfish, who is ready to offer himself up for the good of others, we have a few notable names that have displayed such virtues, Jesus, mahatma Gandhi, Mandela, Martin Luther King Jr, Nkuriziza of Tanzania. Leaders have an undying passion and zeal to make a difference in their generation, to impact lives, to change their world, to be the hero, they are goal getters driven by strong will, vision and purpose, a willingness to make life better than they met it. That is leadership!, it lies on their ability to make others see this and compel them to join in the actualization  process.



Contemporary realities, vagaries of existential realities and imponderable factualities of life has shown that leadership now goes beyond holding a political office, it goes far beyond being conferred with chieftancy titles. It’s now all about problem solving. It has become a trend and a popular slang that the world is after those who help to solve their problems and not those who create them. Can you solve problems.? If yes is the answer then you are a leader. Leadership is not an office, it is a calling, a call to service, to act when others are tired, to speak when all is silent, to blaze the trail when others become afraid and fidget in the face of tyranny and anarchy, to cry and wail loud in confrontation to the deprivation of the rights of man. these are our contemporary leaders, movers and shakers of the world, I call them game changers. They rock the boat, take over sail and Institute a new social order which is but an improvement on what used to be. That is a leader. Eager to learn and ready to teach.





For it were more better to follow to battle an army of sheep led by a lion than a battalion of lions led by a sheep. Leadership is an indispensable concomitant of all known human development and change. The start and End  of any Era results from the emergence of a person with a  new idea and vision, who takes hold of the  scene and introduce new frontiers which sweeps off what used to be. Then we begin to talk about the change of an Era. It is necessary to begin to ask yourself. Am I Capable of bringing change? If the answer is No. Then you are not a leader. When the computer came, it shocked the world at how large calculations could be dealt with just with few operations on the computer. When Bernard Lee introduced Google the world experienced a transition. When mark Zuckerberg invented Facebook it cured communication and global networking problem. Do I begin to unravel scientific discoveries?




The world is  in need of problem solvers. Days are gone when money ruled the world. Presently, ideas rule the world and surely the money will come. I challenge you to take your destiny into your own hands.
A leader steps outside the box, he is innovative, he must be flexible enough to know when it’s time to try out new procedure or implement a new policy. For many, taking risk is a frightening task But such behavior can be invaluable and benefiting to the entire group.



A leader takes the proverbial bull by the horn and move forward to be successful. laxity or procrastination is not in the character of a  true leader. He internalizes the vision and mission of the institution and is committed to it. Using his ability to lead in making sure that those goals are achieved. He employs his technical skills and intelligence at all time.



To be a contemporary leader you must be able to manage conflict. You must have the courage to quell crisis and social dissatisfaction. Conflicts troubles the world all over and now reveals the dearth of leadership in the globe. Lack of effective communication and interelational engineering. Maintainace of social equilibrium and harmonization of interest leads to a comatose upheaval that sees to the end of peaceful coexistence. Indeed communication plays a vital role in the attainment of institutional goals, so the ability to listen and understand others is a crucial tool a leader needs. He must not just hear but listen.



In the final analysis, leadership anchors on a grand beam and pillar called MINDSET. what is your purpose, the reason you wish or intend to lead? For it is only that that will shape how your governance will look like. It is that that constitutes the corpus of who you will turn out to be. A leader or a lead down.



The world has been disappointed alot, people have failed severally, leaders has inflicted great pains severally on the vulnerable masses, who now need someone they can trust, who will lift them up, a helping hand who will give them solutions to their endemic problems. Can you fill that shoe? Can you weather the task?



Leadership lies on the inside not on external power or authority. A true leader aspires to establish a high level of personal integrity to gain trusting and inspire his followers. He motivates others towards a set goal, he is visionary, he dreams about the future and translate such dreams into specific and achievable goals, he matches words with action.


Most of all, a leader is a man with the heart of a servant, he takes time to help others understand their strength and help them overcome their weaknesses to attain their own goals.





About the Author

Njokudavidchibueze is a law graduate of Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu University, Anambra State and President, Legal Ideas  Forum Int’l.

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