Chukwuemeka  Ebube Samuel 

Send me to a place of acquiring knowledge to learndon’t send me to a place of bargaining to earn. Please don’t deprive me of what my spirit desiresto earn I need not now, but to learn I desired.

Education is what I desired, Whether formal or not, I want to acquire. For it is only it that gives me pleasureand it’s pleasure can’t be measured.

If thou art future,  In thee I would love to ventureFor in thee I learnt to earn and not have earned to learn.

Being raised in Africa,  Where earning is like going to Americaand learning being a disaster.  it’s my pleasure disobeying my  master.
Please teach me how to learn, For I want to be a member of the  learned.

🔹Dedicated to all the children hawking on the street being deprived the right to Education


About the writer

Chukwuemeka Ebube Samuel is a Law student of Anambra state University. He started writing poetry at a young age. His poems are usually sonnets and he writes mostly on Love and Romance, Feminism and child’s education.   He aspires to let the women mostly girls child and children know they are of great importance  to the society through poetry. 

Contact :08106554596 Ebube YungAmicable. 

                        Copyright reserved 

For knowledge and Justice

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