OKOYE IFEANYI MAC.  

In as much as we hope for a Nigeria of our great dreams and as envisaged by the ancient political prince and illustrious compatriots of this nation, permit me to x- ray that am not intending to appear pessimistic or rather cynical in my submissions that Nigeria and all its sectors of national life have drained deep in rot, decay and decompositon much that the hope of a renaissance is not only impossibly remote but also non-existent. 
This nation has a very uniquely fundamental problem that is very hydra -headed and has become a grand sophistication, enigmatic that analysts have now grind their teeth and thought in confusion and utter dismay at what Nigeria has become of. 
The epicentre of this dreaded social virus is the leadership woes and abysmal failures recorded by much of our colonial, pre – colonial and post-colonial administrators. It is alluded to a tree that have produced countless rotted fruits at all seasons of the year, and so the entire life of it is doubtful, spiteful, despicable and all abominable to its admirers. 
So, the polical life, economic and social life of Nigeria is thus defective internally and structurally, worst still, it has defied all proffered solutions. The essence of a government in a human society cannot be over emphasized, it helps to put a status quo in order and give directions  on the cluster of developmental plans devised through and executed by experts and technocrats which fashions and propels the engine of viable policies that will address government  and citizen’s challenges. This is not seen in Nigeria over time and for many years. 
Nigeria has crumbled and stumbled on its inability to execute policies because there are no experts and resources to ensure that execution take place. Funds are siphoned on repeated decimal with such impunity beyond telling. These are not even discouraged by appropriate authorities. And this vicious cycle continues in that manner in all sectors of the economy until everything is cracked down in totters and tatters. 
Economically, we now struggle with the devaluation of the currency, the epidemic of inflation now sets in due to a non diversified economy. Unemployment hold its sway high on the teeming youth and the fresh graduates. Crime and its ravages escalates on the high, consequently society is put in imminent danger because of a purposeless and planless leadership in the country. Leaders become rulers and desire to exploit society instead of making it better for sight attraction and investment. Famine and paucity greet the population with pitilessness. And everybody vomits venom as government has failed and are in arid of a visionary and well directed purpose for the common good of the populace.
Politically, fragile and fragmented policies scatter in various houses of assemblies and senate but non are implemented. Nigeria becomes a place where much policies are made on daily basis yet at the end they see no light of the day. Our politicians become rabble -rousers during campaign who promise big and only later to discover that they are all hyperbole and gargantuan exaggerations. No body to question or probe them to accountability. 

This and many more trashes and crap over time now snowballs into a philosohpy of national life. Amidst this demerits, we call ourselves the Giants of africa. Giant of Africa  my foot.!

Do you talk of the religious fracas and all ferocious vendetta that have posed imminent adversity to the membership and co-operate coexistence of Nigeria?  and can  be counted among those cataclysmic factors that have retarded nigeria’s development even right from Adam.What of those regions with unequal states and unequal distribution of resource?  This no doubt brings indiffrence and apathy as per how some regions will want to participate in national affairs. So, many regions especially the southeast are aggrieved  and since government dont want to consider their gravamens they now become pestsome to nigeria politically, economically and socially.

There is a great and irrepressible desiderata to completely overhaul both the legal system, the political system, the social system, the religious system, the economic system and indeed the Nigeria as a whole So that new blood be infused for a vibrant and blistering functioning of national life. The step have to be bold, all encompassing , audacious and temerity filled no matter whose ox is gored. But how and when near this is to take place is a matter of curious anticipation as Nigeria is getting old and will one day die.

Let us make hay while the sun better Nigeria and it will recover one day. 

Okoye ifeanyi Mac.
Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu University, Anambra State. 


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