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Nigeria is Africa’s largest country with over 160million people. It has many ethnic groups with  different languages.

Nigeria came into being in 1914 with the amalgamation of southern and northern protectorate into one Political administrative entity by the British authority under the governorship of sir Fredrick Lugard.

Like many other African countries, Nigeria won her independence on the 1st of October 1960 and thereafter  established a parliamentary democracy akin to Britain’s, with a prime minister,a president who was a ceremonial head of state and a bicameral legislature. This era known as the first Republic  lasted from 1960 to 1966.The first and second Republic  were scuttled by military dictatorship. However the third Republic has lasted for 18years till date.

“Today, 1st October, marks 57years of Nigeria being a free and independent  nation. It is a day to remember those who fought for and sacrificed their lives to free Nigeria from  British rule. it is also a day to  pledge our commitment to our dear country Nigeria.” 

Independence Day is also a day to  take stock and reflect on our nation’s achievements  and chart the way forward. Freedom is something that money cannot buy. It is the result of the struggles of many brave hearts.

Happy Independence celebration. BRAVO!  BRAVO!  BRAVO!.

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