Author: Atusiuba Chukwutoby. 

A POEM.   
  • At the birth of  a new life, joy over flows
  • The  show of love and kindness by both family and foe, 
  • Like this many years ago
  • We celebrated our nation’s birth with such ego Confused though 
  • We did not let it bring down our soul. 

  • As the infant clocked a few months
  • The natural infant mortality treat struck
  • Due to the overstayed clinging days. 
  • We started to faze, 
  • The first strike of mortality came 
  • We nearly never overcame. 

  • As months turned to years 
  • The damages of the first wave was still felt. 
  • In fact it was the remote of the second more deadly virus, 
  • Dishonesty and fraud became the order of the day.  Like  adolescence 
  • All sense of good and bad were now present

  • As she grew into a full fledged woman 
  • Her life became an epitome of what parents tell their children not to be. 
  • We became what our founding father warned against. 
  • We the people became a couple of pot belly men in the rock. 

  • As she lay on her dying bed 
  • And her life flashed in her face, she just knew the simple fact, 
  • She had lost a mark, 
  • She was ending the race outside the tracks. 

                                                                          ©Atusiuba Chukwutoby

                     ©copyright reserved 

For knowledge and Justice
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