The blood of innocent and defenseless Students of the University of Jos and other victims of Jos unrest is crying to heaven for Justice:Where is our refuge?

It is no longer news that the past few weeks in Plateau State especially the metropolitan parts of the state and Irigwe Village of Miango in Bassa LGA which is in the outskirt of the metropolis had been gruesomely characterized by gory and begrimed experiences which led to the wanton exterminations of the innocent lives of citizens without any modicum of justification howsoever. These truculent killings of innocent and defenseless citizens have further re-established for a period of aeon the barbarism and savagery of human beings which had utterly made humans become beasts and horrible monsters passionately seeking for blood of innocent citizens to suck and also plunder the veritable assets of many hardworking citizens in the society.

During this period of unwarranted merciless killings, reprisals and counter-reprisals the entire state was thrown in a state of total brouhaha and irrepressible hullabaloo as innocents souls who did not have any inkling in the killings and counter pogrom became victims of a failed state, maladministration and porous security arithmetic which led to the dead of many defenseless students of the famous university of Jos whose only crime was the pressing quest for western education in order to extricate themselves from the shackles of illiteracy and ignorance towards becoming enlightened citizens of the country with assurances of a better tomorrow.

It would be recalled that the unrest in Jos, Plateau State capital came along with a stern decision by the state Government for the imposition of 24 hrs curfew in Jos North and Dusk to Dawn in Bassa and Jos South Local Government Areas respectively yet syndicates of blood sucking monsters still persisted in defying the curfews while carrying out their monstrous and nefarious activities which had indisputably left a lot of questions begging for desirable answers as to the whereabouts of the security personnel when all these dastardly acts were being perpetrated to the detriment of innocent lives and the fragile peace of the state.


Sadly, the social media had been trending with video clips of innocent students of university of Jos being massacred and brutally stabbed in broad day light by wicked and despicable undesirable elements of the society and these callous activities of killing innocent citizens have had the rare proclivity of transmogrifying the entire crises into a religious combat between the two major religions in the state which must resisted and not be allowed to happen. Instead, both State and Federal Governments most as a matter of urgent attention deliberately beef up the security checkpoints around dominant students’ camps, hostels and the roads leading to the university so that the education of our dear future leaders would not be sacrificed on the alter of despicable ineptitude and maladroit handling of fragile security in the state.

The crimes of killing innocent students are being perpetrated by foes of western education who go after these defenseless students to kill and abort their future dreams. As a matter of fact, attention must be concentrated on the university of Jos and other tertiary institutions in the state and by extension the entire state must not be spared from the presence of well-equipped security personnel who must be ready to carryout their ordained responsibilities devoid of compromise, indiscernible indiscipline and predilection in the interest of boosting internal security in the state.

The perpetrators of these dastard acts must be hunted, arrested, investigated and prosecuted towards propitiating the innocent blood of the victims of these criminalities which is crying to high heavens for immediate vengeance in the interest of substantial justice. Justice can only be done when all these criminals are brought to book and these can only be achieved if members of the two major religions are willing to supply credible and un-doctored information that may lead to the arrest of these criminals so as to secure a peaceful Plateau for all of us to enjoy aside that, we must be prepared to walk in the night.

The state and Federal Governments must identify these innocent students and other persons that lost their lives in the recent unrest with the aim of identifying with the families and commiserating with them over the occurrence of the ugly incident that claimed many lives, inventory and registration of tricycles must be taken and or carry out with an order or regulation that a tricycle must not be allowed to carry more than one passenger each trip, financial assistance must be earmarked to be given to families of those who lost their loved ones in the recent onslaught, funeral expenses must be borne by the Government, alternative safe routes must be constructed immediately to ease the mobility and accessibility of the university by the students, shuttle buses must be provided as a measure to be conveying unijos students to school daily and this must not stop. I believe that when these measures and other sundry ancillary measures are taken, some confidence may be re-instilled in the minds of members of the society.


In the end, I commiserate deeply with the families of all those who lost their loved ones in the recent unfortunate carnage and pray for the repose of their souls. I also express my deepest sympathies to the leadership of the University of Jos and the Student Union Government over the loss of the innocent students whose only offences were deliberate steps in liberating themselves from the manacles of illiteracy and ignorance towards becoming self-sufficient leaders of tomorrow. I am sure that they died as great heroes and heroines who would be remembered as victims of a failed system. Let them rest in the Lord with assurances that their precious blood is crying to high heavens for immediate vengeance. Justice must prevail!

About the Author
Emmanuel Menseh Madaki, LLB (Hons.), BL, LLM(ABU) MIPMA is a Legal practitioner and Human Rights Activist.

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