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Politics cum power has been the trend before, now and sure will remain. The word politics historically emanated from Ancient Greece and had thus spread its tentacles to the barest of beings, In that every man at his own corner wants to exert some level of influence and ultimately possess a personal right to make his own choices and decisions, a task he does bearing at the back of his mind usually a selfish interest to better his lots.

Change is said to be constant and we see it through the rebranding of politics on daily basis in the hunt for power which has historically been a thorn of blessings in disguise for the church rats.

On this ride, to the church rats, an auspicious view cunningly masterminded by the so called church leaders escalates subconsciously which will do nothing but shun down jingoism to impunity by mere words and acts of mediocrity leading to daunting subjugation and thus creating an immediate “fane” just to extinguish the ignorant Church rats to oblivion.
On this note, the discombobulated church rats will themselves feel reprieved to their doom.

I hear series of questions, who are the church rats? who are the so called Church leaders?
Which Church?

The food for thought to this regard will only be complete if I am permitted to refer back to the popular statement of a Nationalist and upright sociologist in the person of Karl Marx.
He, after series of research opined that “religion is the opium of the masses”.
Thus, the church in discuss is the political world, with the isles of false religious sermons nd deceitful manifestos.

The church leaders are the political elites, the big guns in the society, the bullet givers, givers of snake instead of fish, givers of stones instead of bread, they are they who have no milk of humanity in them.

The church rats are the innocent masses. They are the youths. You and I whose doggedness and unsurmountable resiliency have been ruthlessly watered down by mere consumable and disposable eateries and giveaways to buy our gullible mind, cage our destiny and seize our dignity, utilising them to the barest minimum and giving us back peels, they take the value in us and keep us desolate,dry and hungry,so that we can be fast as to gullibly submit at the slightest call from their tables to eat the falling crumps.We are the dogs, we are the underdogs, we are diminished to puppies and are like puppets in their arms.

On daily basis, we clamour,we rally, we canvass, we campaign, in thorns and pains, in tears and wears, calling them bosses and they call us boys, we form thugs and body guards only to be ruthlessly stamped like the Church rats that we have chosen to be.
We think we get the pay,
To our ignorance, the pay is the bait and the bait our destruction.

If we have ever faced mind ostracism, we will acknowledge the fact that we die right from the very first day we loose our dignity, right from the day we loose who we are.
They know who we are,
Ironically we the bearer of the sacred crown and  knows not our kingship role, it is disheartening. and Of a truth, the subjugating subserviency is terribly alarming.

But know we this day, that we are the cause of our deaths. Our dignity we have lost, how can we fight them, they know what they do. They are not fools, we are the fools.
This is not our God given fate, we inflicted it upon ourselves and only we can change it.

With an ululating heart of pain, I cry out to the youths, we can no more continue to be church rats.
Where is our Nationalist spirit, as was provided by our early saviours from the colonialist, in their youthful doggedness, but ours is used against us and yet we know not.

We must have to stop blaming the government. We are the cause, we are the solution, we are the future.

Let the cries spread to all ends of the earth, let us, the youth build the momentum of the change we have so craved for beginning with us.
We refuse to be blindfolded by theoretical and fairytale change that will continue subjugating us.
We will stop receiving, campaigning and guarding them.
 We must start giving, we must start vying, we must start hunting them all in unity.

May I remind you, this is our cross, You and I and we must carry it to the end in unity and strength.
To all Nigerian youths,
To all African Youths,
To the youths in the outskirts of Africa, In Unity, We shout, Arise!!!!!!

@Chidiebere Simeon  Mbah.

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For knowledge and Justice
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  1. Thank you Simeon, the article captures the degrading circumstances of the Nigerian human church rats. whilst condemning the evil practices in our political scene, you have succeeded in enlightenment us more on what is expected of us all… keep it up.

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