It’s quite Sad that as the days fleets bye, the political cum social malaise of the Nigerian state continues to sink into grave oblivion. Running with the speed of light into dilapidation and disorientation. more troubling is the non stop humiliation of the Nigerian people by the APC led government. as the wake of each new day unfolds with more folly as they seem determined to outclass there previous recklessness. 

How Nigerian continues to bear and put up with all these repressive circumstances has been to  Crack the mess into humorous representations. The government  seems to obviate the fact that the overall welfare of the people whom they govern should be their utmost priority. and to keep churning out unreasonable reasons for failing to dispense of their Constitutional responsibility is not only unacceptable but unpatriotic. 

Our beloved London based Nigerian president has shown no remorse nor does he think that we deserve apology for how he absconded his duties for over three months without disclosing what ailment keeps him away for so long. we are only told he is Hale and hearty but ironically needs medical attention.

To make  matters worst the media aide is proudly declaring probably so we will applaud him, that rats has infested the hallowed office of the President, federal Republic of Nigeria. on BBC news, very unfortunate! 

It does not stop there, just some days ago, they made a giant step in error in our educational system by taking the jamb cut off mark to an all time low score. and they still need to be applauded and I believe that some unstudent students will jump up in ecstacy in jubilation. 

Let me state categorically that this the most disgraceful Era for academics in Nigeria. 

I am very aware that this decrease is politically influenced and they better tell us how so low the northern students have performed this time. and down here in the south we struggle day and night to cross 200 marks but instead of encouraging this trend, the jamb administration wants a decrease. I must state, I was completely devastated by that news. 

More harm is done to us by a greater percentage with  the strike by ASUU. poor funding of Tertiary institutions for infrastructural development and quality delivery of  unimpeachable academic knowledge and educational enlightenment has not only crippled the mental  potency of the young generation of Nigerian but takes us many years back into underdevelopement and intellectual regression. 

As I fight hard to overlook all these inappropriaties, am pressured to drop a statement or two. because a living and sane person must speak, correct, appraise, condemn happenings around him. and I have just done that. our mumu don do. 

I think we are only reaping the consequences of our decisions and that is always making the unfortunate choice of electing to the seat of power those who are neither endowed by nature or by learning any leadership quality whatsoever. 

The affairs of this nation is in the hands of a very confused set of people who are after their pockets only. I took a peep at Ghana the other day, brothers and sisters they have gone a couple of steps ahead of Nigeria in infrastructural development which is consummated by grande industrialization. but that does not happen in this country and if it does at all, our pace is very slow. 

Insecurity is growing by the day and it is rather becoming uncomfortable to live in peace in Nigeria. Arewa youths are threatening, Biafran agitators are protesting, The militants are attacking, kidnappers are busy taking people captive. so much headache for just one nation. 

And in the helms of affair is a retired general who is neither diplomatic nor engaging, a leader who lacks the ability to speak to the heart of the masses and formulate comprehensive master plan for economic reinvigoration, social integration and, political stability and financial revitalization. We decry the growing poverty line and the high rate of dipping hands by political elites into the national treasury leaving a greater percentage of us poor. 

At this rate, we will someday run out of patience and believe you me it is either there will be fire on the mountain or the mountain will be on fire. it won’t be long. 

Njoku David chibueze 
#A concerned Nigerian. 

For knowledge and Justice
  1. A nice and well considered reaction from you Amazon. We are sitting on the keg of gun powder. it's explosion will be enormous and we can barely survive the volcano of disaster it bears in its arms.

  2. You've said it all, learned one..
    Ow, believe me, I can see smoke on mountain tops now..
    Like you've rightly predicted, it'll soon burst into open flames..
    And may I add, that like the sulphurs of hell, it cannot be put off..
    We're in Hell.. Nigeria is Hell!

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