“I’m for every body, I’m for nobody” was the keynote address/takeover sermon advocated by a fig in person of  President, Federal Republic of Nigeria in the wee hours of 29th May, 2015.
A reminder of an anachronistic,false,deceitful, sarcastic and lampoonous takeover pledge by Muhammadu Buhari, against the economic prosperity and political ingenuity of the Igbos.

It is trite to note that while the Dangote group is succored both legally and financially by the federal govt, led by the same Buhari, through placement of embargoes on foreign and local competitors with the said Dangote group, for example while the Ibeto group, eagle cement among others have been exiled and now moribund by the federal govt policies on cement production,the dangote group has continued to rebound economically amidst the huge support and political goodwill it enjoys from the past and current administrations, the FG has also eased Dangote’s access to the Central bank for loans though the central bank as banker’s bank is not meant to transact with private individual(s)/organisation(s), the FG also exhibits the products of this group,the Dangote group, both nationally and internationally thereby encouraging both local and foreign consumption of  Dangote produce.

The same administration is intensely engaged in endless offensive against an assailable ethnic cut out in the south east region of the  sham,Nigeria.
My observations then is that there is want of local content consumption in area of automobiles manufactured in this region. Why then the open hostility between the roused and federally aided Guaranteed Trust Bank against Innoson Group before the very stare of the ditto federal govt that tips local content patronage?

I reach my radical conclusion that One Nigeria is an illusion since it’s not practicable. If One Nigeria is to be anything to go by, “politics without bitterness” should to be our watchword. The three major ethnicity should be given the merited opportunities to mount power as and when due, “since Nigeria is not yet ripe for constitutional democracy practised by an avalanche of first and second world nations”. Nigeria is but recently routing for rotational govt only. The President should be reminded that, as father of the entire nation,”I’m for everybody,I’m for nobody” portends equality of, and fair treatment to all persons irrespective of ethnic divide. God bless Nigeria as she march on to her days of glory.

Alozie Praise Tobechukwu

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