To a great extent our personal adventures are caught up in the games of winning and success, we work hard at winning and succeeding, we teach our children to be winners or successful or at least appearing to be because they are important payoffs and yardstick in our society.
Playing to win is consciously choosing to go as far as I can with all that I have, it is about making choices in order to learn, grow and thrive. the ability to ask difficult questions and choosing discomfort over pleasure in order to advance my cause in life.
Winning does not mean defeating someone else or achieving goals that do not really stretch us to bring out the best in us. winning in the adventures of our lives means that we have decided to go extra mile doing the impossible even when failure stares before us.
In life you should never be embarrassed or feel bad because an experiment failed, that is not failure. it is not even failure to carry a whole series of enquiries and come up with a theory only to find out that there are ten exceptions to it. that is not failure! when you stop testing, stop trying that’s when you fail and that’s when you should be embarrassed.
I’ve learned that it’s okay to be wrong, making mistakes is the only way to learn. decisions and choices are not “you bet your life” if you are wrong! no, we must learn from what doesn’t work and it would be a shame to keep making the same mistakes over and over again. if we want to change the results we are getting we have to do things differently.
The real world is full of outside influences, multiple variables and random events and try as we may, we cannot control anything external to us and yet we often spend a lot of time worrying about such things that are simply beyond our control. life is too capricious to be controlled, our response towards life events is all that matter, a situation which breaks one person could make another strong. it’s all about our reaction.! by controlling our thinking we can better manage our emotions and better control how we respond to the events of our lives.
Emotional maturity is the willingness to subject our beliefs and interpretations to challenge and to change them in the light of new and more objectively true information. we must learn to adopt new measures and leave the old ways to meet up with contemporary demands of our present society because times and seasons change. nothing is constant as change.
Truly, it takes so much to be a full human being hence, there are very few persons who have the enlightenment and courage to pay the price.
-one has to abandon all together the search for security and reach out to the risk of living with both arms.
-one has to embrace the world like a lover and accept pain as a condition of existence and count doubts as the cost of knowing truly.
-one needs a will stubborn in conflict, patient in trial, zealous at all times and willing to accept every consequences of living and dying.
It is through solving problems that we grow intellectually, emotionally, financially and spiritually. the bigger the problem we solve the more we grow. don’t let difficulty stop you because it is from doing difficult things that we truly grow.
To you my readers, it is time you Beat your chest and say.. “I cannot fail,  I can only learn and grow, it might be difficult but it is rarely impossible because I am a winner” for it is from this belief that we call out our ability to play and win!
NJOKU DAVID CHIBUEZE is a law graduate, President of the Legal Ideas Forum Int’l. A legal writer, life coach and author. 
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