Most times,  we stand at the cliff of life watching other people and their endeavors  and admiring the sight of them gliding down the heights, setting the pace and acting their own script on the stage and theatre of life. we fold our wings and refuse to fly, we decline to soar like the Eagle that we are,  scared of falling, afraid of crashing and being laughed at, we let life go bye and fail to drill for the goldmine and unlimited oceans of boundless possibilities that life offers us. 
Yet before us lies a great mass of privileges and opportunities waiting to be explored and until we go for what is ours in the universe and take possession of it, nothing will ever change. High achievers are not born like that, they were not naturally gifted to win. it takes years of relentless efforts to get to the pinnacle of life. You have to work for who you want to be and  until we stop ‘shoulding’ and start doing, nothing will change. The road to success can only be passed through with great determination.
What we need to know is that life offers us lime at all time and only champions can muster the courage to turn them into lemonade and no matter what happens in our lives, there is a power within us which we can tap from and stay unbroken. only you can stop you. when we give up on our dreams no other person will believe them either. greatness lies within us and so the reality of our present situation has not come to stay but has come to pass.
Yes, where you are is just temporal but we must be bold enough to take that step that will transform our failures to success. it is possible!!
what is most important in life is that no one is entitled to a particular result, destiny does not drop failure or success in our palms, we must fight for it and no one makes it happen without saying yes to the winning formula which is not being afraid to fail. with this we reach levels of success and heights of achievements we never imagined.
There are times when you might feel aimless, when you can’t see the places where you belong. But you will find that there is a purpose for your existence which has been there within you all along. And when you’re near it, you can almost hear it. just keep believing for pretty soon you will start to figure out your own part.

In life Everyone plays a role which is cut out only for him and there is greatness in each one of us.
NJOKU  DAVID CHIBUEZE Is the president of the Legal ideas forum, a life coach, mentor  and author. 

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  1. Nice piece #God bless u guys nd give u d strength to continue with this wonderful nd educating blog

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