“Arguments might arise as to which Branch should be hewned down having overstayed her welcome.Unending Tears and Laughters of sorrow will be the result because we all will go in for it”
It is herein acknowledged that Section 14(2) of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria 1999 as amended and the Grundnorm is all but a catalyst of imminent secession engrossed with Unionism.
Power belongs to the People as we are told, this is warmly undisputed but to what degree is this power and to what extent can it go? It is a very glaring fact that this assertion is only exemplified during elections as electorates choose their candidates. However, I ponder and wonder, does their choices reflect clarity or vagueness?  This answers the question as to the unending rigging of elections as has always been.Thus, recently was it redisplayed conspicuously at the just concluded Ekiti Gubernatorial and such alikes.
Apparently, very notable but not the acceptable fact is that we all are afraid of our faces” It is one thing for a law to exist and another for enforcement of same to the later.
The Electorates “elects” their candidates as we know. I ask, what is their fate when their candidates gruesomely fails them and takes their substance away from them? Do they wait till they are all dead to strip him of the Given Power? As clear as it is, four years is not four days so then what are probable options available to them(the electorates)?
Can we resort to principle of  public Opinion? or Plebiscite? or Referendum?
Ironically, it is all theoretically provided for but is rarely practiced

Here our answers abound, that as representatives, they should take it up from here, via their Impeachment powers. we talk of a major requirement of 2/3 majority votes of the House.

Then is this impeachment effective?
How can it be when we have 75% of fruits in the tree with one colour and shape. How then can the tree be flexible? It sure cannot be. I really am not referring to the unending exchange of note leaves between the 75% Studded fruits as in tandem with the 25% minimal fruits.
This is how bad it is in this branch.
I fight, we fight, those who know and feel what we feel fight the root of the tree, we fight the grundnorm  which had made it to be this way. Funny enough, we fight with a Matchet on one hand and a “Fertilizer” on the other. What do we really want?
As astonishing as it is, we see the major catalyst to the sprouting branch.
Is the Court really the last hope of the common man? The judiciary is the Tree’s branch of justice and fairness. supposedly seen as the connecting and disengaging tree branch of the other aforementioned tree branches.
But then, we cannot fail to say that this is more theoretical than practical. It is not a new thing that justice is consistently bought and all the common man can do is watch.
I wonder, is there really a common man at all?
The sprouting branch has as it were raised eyebrows as to authenticity and effectiveness of same.
Recently, it criticised by the head of the Executive Branch. He alongside some supporters from some  leaves alike that it should be abolished, it should not be used. However, some leaves says it should be maintained. some fruits agree and others disagree. Some branches agree and some others disagree.
Why the tussle?
It takes us back to the drawing board which is that “we all are afraid of our faces” as earlier stated. Thus, we all, especially the acclaimed common man has resorted to the sprouting branch (I.e  The Social Media).
A question arises which is ” Can we say the above sprouting branch is the new hope of the common man?”
To me, I call it the last hope of the Tree encompassing The Common man, The Elite man and the instruments they operates with.
Behold, a Tree as Nigeria exist with so many catastrophes facing her such as orchestrated by her children ranging from the firstborns to the last.
Instruments of  succour had all failed her. She is tired of old branches that can never  reach its prime like her colleagues elsewhere. She clamours for a new branch to call on other glowing trees to her aid. To bring International Organizations to her aid. To bring the world to hear her cries and come to her aid for her strength can no longer carry her. It can only resort to this social cries it gives.
The Tree is the Country Nigeria.
The Branches are her organs and Parastatals alongside any connotation it creates.
The Fruits are her Elites and The Leaves are Her Masses, hence the term “Firstborns and Lastborns.”
The Social Media is the sprouting branch that cannot go away even when so many heads are against it. The Common man use it, The heads uses it, the body uses it and the tail enjoys using it.
It is the only brach that hides who is talking, why he is talking, where he is talking from and the natural and conscionable eligibility for him or her to talk in the first place because we all have tasted the vinegar and we cannot but hide our faces when we criticise it.
But we must criticise it because those that has the antidote of the vinegar can help us salvage the situation.
Why then should we kill the sprouting
It is our only hope, other hopes had failed us. That is the stage we are as a nation at 58th.
Let the wise read with understanding to expound the hidden truths and let’s call our diaspora aides to give us true fertilizer before we die off.
This instrument to institute the  call must not be quashed.
All we have is no fertiliser, that is why the sprouting branch is hurting us because we are afraid of our faces.
Food for thought: Get it: Think through it: Understand it: Utilize same.
Thus, buy the vision and sell it not.
About the author 
Mbah chidiebere S. Is a 400 level Law student of Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu University, Anambra state. 
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