The Nigerian judiciary is fraught with cupidity and corruption. this hampers, thwarts and thaws down the course of justice in any legal system.

 The judiciary which is perceived as the harbinger and cornucopia of constitutionality now enthrone what they were constituted by Law to prohibit and unmake.

In this abysmal trash and crap: where lies the hope of the downtrodden in the quest of justice which the courts are entitled to grant?

The system has long died   and the  problems of the court for years does need  attention.

Thus the statement they have now coined, an aphorism_ “justice delayed is Justice denied ” , A clear insignia of the betrayal of the judiciary. What then is the use of the courts?!!!

 This adds to the compoundment of the unresolved issues in jurisprudence.Justice shouldn’t only be done in questions of law but should be seen to have been manifestly done.So, the onus and weight of burden is on the courts to correctly apply the principles of the law and to display of sound and dynamic legal knowledge that appropriates the demands of societal value and culture., Not crucifying justice on the alter of deceitful technicalities.



The fall of humanity stems from the obvious fact that he is the arbiter of his own destiny and an instigator of the disaster that makes life untowardly unbearable for himself.

it stems from the insatiable quest towards self gratification and appetitive lifestyle which drives us all. but sympathetically the evil whiles of avarice and greed strikes so deep into our consciousness and we loose our being taken over completely by forces beyond our control.

the  demoniac pull and hag-activity  which feeds on our conscience unabridged has contributed to our failing human quality.. it is called corruption!!! the cancer of the soul.

After the leviathan accord which was preceded by the state of nature,  it became imperative that these submitted powers of the masses be invested in an institution and they called it the government with the Judiciary being a basic arm which is bound to state what the law is when conflicts arise!!!

It is such a disappointing reality that we have failed largely to protect this great a responsibility imposed on us because we have allowed our selfish self to get over us… where judgements are prepaid and drafted on tables made of stacks of colored paper which depicts  a derailing system ridden with moral malady.

the future can yet be rescued if we as a new generation of refined men and women will join force with nature to right the wrongs of humanity which has been manifestly nefarious and vicious..


For knowledge and Justice

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