Nigeria today is being threatened with unemployment as a serious social  problem and the country needs to provide adequate facilities in order for youths to put their talents into objective use for the good  of the society. Unemployment is a state in which citizens of a nation are jobless, when they have already finished their secondary and tertiary education. Some might have good results and still end up as hawkers in the streets. This is very bad for the society because the knowledge acquired is not put in practice. Some might roam about the street for some years before getting lucrative jobs. This is caused by many negative activities such as corruption. The “who you know” syndrome and also conditions that are attached to securing of a job.
Also, unemployment is a threat to the social conditions of a country and makes it full of “never do wells” when youths are confronted with poverty and unemployment, they resort to engaging in obnoxious activities including criminal activities in order to get money by all means which will tarnish the image of the country and lead to self destruction. This is a very serious social problem and effective solution must be  taken to reduce or even absolutely eradicate this dreadful problem of unemployment. They see thuggery as a profitable venture. Hence, none of them is interested in any honourable job that nonetheless does not exist.
In the light of the above mentioned evils of unemployment as a serious social problem, the following can serve as solutions.
The government should endeavour to establish a youth camp where juvenile delinquents would be rehabilitated and trained on a particular trade that they could be influenced into becoming successful. Enough job opportunities should be made available for youths so they will be less dependent on the government. Women should be educated and well informed of their positions as wives and mothers so as to see the need to assist their husbands in catering for the needs of their family. Where all these suggestions are put in consideration, I hope the society would be helped out of the evils of unemployment.
Also, youths should undergo training an carpentry, catering and so on In order to enable them take care of themselves independently to avoid poverty and subjugation in life. An idle mind is the devil’s workshop. Undergraduates should be able to open up businesses of their own without waiting for formal employment. Therefore, programs bothering on youth employment should be encouraged.
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AGHADIUNO NKOLIKA is a law graduate of Chukwuemeka odumegwu ojukwu University, Anambra state, Nigeria. 
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