An Evil Tree: The Nigerian Story

…. not long after slave trade stopped, the Europeans deviced yet another cunny,  deceitful a veiled and blanketted remodeled systemic subjugation, a new version of slavery. they called it colonialism, where they made their victims think less of them as enemies but friends and superiors who has come to protect them. with super sugar coated fantasia… PROTECTORATE. the gullible nature of African people never allowed them see beyond their nose, they became partners in crime with these foreign brothers. and helped them suppress their own kiths and kins who revolted. and they called themselves WARRANT CHIEFS doing joyfully, the bidding of their Lord supremes.

Nigeria, was a victim of this process, as Walter Rodney in his book. HOW EUROPE UNDER DEVELOPED AFRICA. highlighted the fact that Africa helped both in human and mineral resources in the development and industrialization of the whole of Europe, and regrettably, Africa had little or no recompense for this drain, sapping, day light vandalism, thievery and mass lost of what Africa has been endowed with.

After the conquest of Lagos which became a colony in 1863,the gradual process of coarsing Nigeria into submission started by the subtle elimination of perceived obstacles in the name of Chiefs like jaja of opobo, and other numerous lords of the old time. by labeling them RESISTORS OF PROTECTION, which the European daddies seeks to grant freely to all of Africa. yes, most of them were killed and had their empires burnt and reduced to black ashes.. with a heart touching story that justice has been served on them because they refused to stop slave trade which they had come to protect Africans from . very laughable, a merchandise they initiated. but the greatest crime of all times was lumping different tribes, different people, different languages, with different ideologies, religion, belief system, custom, tradition, mores and ways of life.


he calls himself sir Fredrick lugard. a wily fellow, very cunning and smart strategist whose greed for expansionism and an overly all encompassing power drunkenness and insatiable quest to impress her majesty the Queen. I have expanded my rule, my queen rejoice for the kingdom prospereth. beside him was the lady, flora Shaw. some says she is a prostitute but I don’t intend to discuss that here. the both couples from England in their bedroom, began to conjure together more than a 250 lobes of seeds and began to bind them together with an all mighty super glue.. and they called the seed.. NIGERIA. this seed was planted in the western regions of Africa. in 1914 when the south and northern provinces were amalgamated and juxtaposed into a mighty SEED. yes, gradually the seed began to grow, it budded and brought forth shoot and gradually it began to manifest what it is made of, after many years had passed. it became evident that this seed is gradually growing into an EVIL TREE. an attempt was made at hewning it down in 1967 to 1970. but it proved to be really an evil seed planted by a wicked couple. it stood still although some of its branches received severe bruises and had some of its beautiful leaves shedded….. hmmm. that branch knows itself. gradually, it recovered and began to bud and bear seeds again. this time some fruits began to grow from that branch, a good branch on an evil tree. yes, there was another branch, the biggest of them all, very mighty and powerful, it made other branches close to it lean, they also survived because none of the branches has been intended to be hewned down or out. so they hung still. then another branch was there, neither huge now lean but tried to cooperate with the mighty branch and the good branch. it became an alternating branch always switching boats when the storm gets too high. they all hung on the tree still and were all growing. 56 years has passed and the tree has began to produce fruits. both good and bad.

The problem does not lie in the fact that this tree is evil but that it cannot be properly identified, to understand if it is a mango tree or an orange tree or a Palm tree. (only the wise can understand these trees). it became an effort in futility. it’s explanation has long been an issue of both legal, social, political, economic disputation. as none seems to appreciate or make an attempt to define what the tree is or what fruits it is to produce. efforts has been made by socioagricultural  scientists to help it’s fertilization. for increased yield. but the conflict is.. which fertilizer will do  the right job and don’t end up killing the tree which was already evil but no one wants it to be cut down.

Everybody seems to be exhausted, yes, we are all tired. every manure we have added rather than make it blossom into goodness makes it produce evil fruits.. the tree has grown lean and is about to die.


CBND thinks they do. and what are they.? they include terrorism, militancy, agitation, poverty, unemployment, and under development. all proceeds of the evil seed from an evil tree. planted by Lord lugard and mistress In one of Africa’s most populous black nation in Africa all the way from Europe.

At this point, everybody is at a fix, do we leave this tree to continue to survive or do we want it to be cut down. the problem remains that if it continues to survive it will only produce evil seeds. for the elephant of Africa like a hungry goat now sucks the  breast of a mother dog..

I speak only to the wise, men of conscience that can read the time. that can interprete the stars. that can count the moon, that can hear the voices of birds, of trees, of oceans. men of passion who are not happy with the state of affairs..

A columnist and correspondent
THE editor in chief..
a playwright, a griot,a poet, a singer, keyboardist, social commentator
a true lover of all humanity.

thanks for reading my independence speech.. for it can only get better. for knowledge and Justice…….

For knowledge and Justice
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