Today a country is celebrated,a nation is born and her name is Nigeria.This name was derived from river Niger by lady Florence lugard .A country which have been ruled independently by so far by 14 presidents,has a total of 36 state,36 capitals and 1 capital territory,also she is been recorded as the most
Multi-ethnic grouped country in the world and recognized with three major ethnic groups Ogbu, Hausa and yourba . The country has been blessed with minerals such as crude oil and gas,it has faced alot of crisis but has never fallen or seized to be celebrated.Nigeria might not be the best of her kind but she’s definitely a warrior who never stays down,she survived a civil war in the year 1967-1970 and still stood up among other nations but before then she was gained her independence in the year 1960 with the help of Dr. Nnamdi  Azikiwe after been colonized for several years by the British.Today I say am proud to be a Nigerian because no foreign citizen can ever survive like a Nigerian.
Long live Nigeria
Long live a great nation
Happy Independence Day….. Nwakoby Dinma

For knowledge and Justice
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