Day 3: Online moot court session

Clerk: It’s time . court oooooooooooo Can  the judges announce appearance pls

: Nwakoby chidinma JSC

: Iloanya Florence JSC


Ezeaku Emelie JSC

Clerk : Can the counsels announce appearance pls

Atusiuba C.T for the accused

Ezeoke C. J for The state:


……. Case for The defense opens……….

D :My lord I would love to call the defence first witness..

Clerk: Can the DW1 come to the witness box for Examination

 Emelie JSC : Lets now be as fast as possible as regards time factor

 Clerk:Do you swear that the testimomy you shall give before this honourable court shall be the truth and nothing but the truth?

DW1: yes I do

D: Sir can you state your name for the record

DW1: I am Mr nadis aghadinuno

 D:How old are You sir

DW1: I am 61 yrs old

D: What is ur occupation

DW1: I am a school teacher for 25 years. Presently I am the principal of my village boys high school

D: Sir do you consider yourself as an honest man?

DW1: I am honest to the core

D: So that means you can not lie to this honorable court…

DW1: I have not lied once and I cannot start now. Am matured enough

D: GOOD.Sir did your son steal that bike

DW1: He is my son and I trust him with my life. He cannot hurt a fly talk more of steal a bike

D: So how did he get the bike

DW1: I bought it for him

D:Sir how many children do you  have?

DW1: Charles is my only child. My only child. The one I love

D: Sir how much do you earn in a year…

DW1: I earn 20,000 per month. That should be around 240,000

D: Okay sir why did you buy the bike for your son?

DW1: It was a precious gift I gave him for passing his jamb and waec with distinction

DW1: So how did you manage to buy the bike with such small income?

DW1 : I saved for 5years to buy that bike

D: Wow that must have made you sacrifice a lot

DW1 : we all make sacrifices, don’t you?

D : I do trust me I do…

DW1 : So were did you  purchase the bike from

DW1 : I went down to onitsha market to buy that bike

D : How much did you  buy the bike

DW1 : I bought the bike for 120,000

D: So do you  Have the receipt of the bike

DW1 : I have the receipt with me sir, that’s my signature and this is that of the seller 📰

D: Can you please hand the receipt to the clerk

…. The clerk receives it…….

D: Sir so to the best of your knowledge did you purchase  this bike legitimately?

DW1 : I am a teacher. Learned at sort. I could not have gone to the market for illegal transaction

D: When you bought the bike for your son what was his reaction

… Witness delays…..

 Florence JSC: the witness should be fast in answering the questions

DW1:His joy knew no bounds because it was a surprise package.. He jumped for more than 30mins

D: so How did you feel on the 26th of Sept when the police summoned you to the police station claiming that your son stole the bike

DW1: I almost had a heart attack.. I had to be hospitalized for 3 days because I can’t understand how a bike I bought with my blood and sweat could be stolen by my own dear son. There is God (sobs)….

D: Papa I feel Your pain sir. (sighs)
 So what happened next

DW1 : They put my son behind bars and  tortured him to accept he stole the bike.. The wicked witch must have bribed them.. Uwa nkea sef,! (sobs loudly)

D: Sir so you are saying that your son was tortured?

DW1 : I could not recognize him when they brought him out of cell.. My own son Charles.. Charles nwam😪😪

D: Oh my God,! …  (fumes) And you say this Mrs Sparkles must have bribed the Police?

 DW1 :I believe so. Even after, my kinsmen went to plead on his behalf two of them slept in cell

D: My God…(rages) My lord I hope you can hear from the boy’s father what I stated earlier in my withdrawn statement
Madam sparkle might just actually be sadistic.

Nwakoby JSC : Clerk this case will be adjourned till tomorrow by 8pm

Counsels:as it pleases the court.

 Florence JSC : Everyone that was fined should make sure they  pay before 12 noon tomorrow or face extra penalty.

Clerk : Court oooooooo. Rise pls

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For knowledge and Justice
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