Today we mark and celebrate our 56years of existence since we got independence . its crystal Clear that We all share the same desire and yearning for a revolutionized . I urge we all not To Loose hope Because We will Soon Get  There In no Distant Time . Our Great Country At  this Time and Period needs sacrifice From Both  the leaders and the citizens , I urge we all  to sacrifice a little positively now So that  We can Enjoy forever by securing our Future and that of our generations  To Come. It’s very Obvious that We Are presently  in economic recession Due To the sharp Fall Of Oil Prices In the international Market. Because our Economy IS mono Economy , that’s Why enjoin we all to Be skilled  In One entrepreneurship Skill so that We can  successfully diversify our Economy and quickly move out  Of economic recession. I urge my fellow Youths  to Shun militancy , prostitution, religious intolerance , cultism , pipeline vandalism, corruption Which the present day Federal government is  working very hard To eradicate so that there wont be any break down of Law and order in our country . We’re very close To achieving the Nigeria  Which our founding Fathers laboured and Fought for

in conclusion I urge we  all not To Loose hope in the Change mantra of the APC Led Federal government . We should see this Trying and hard Times As Time  for sober reflection , reformation and revolution  Because We Are more precious than Gold which goes through Fire Furnace Before It Gets It’s final , quality and authentic  Value . We Should All Pray for our leaders Because  They need our immense prayers .


For knowledge and Justice
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