It seems Nigerian youths are so much comfortable with the economic and political situation of Nigeria, forgetting it will tell on us tomorrow, If something is not done early our fathers will still be our leaders tomorrow, It is high time we the Nigerian youths join the chorus to revive and reverse our country that is on retrogression on daily basis, A country where: education, security, job opportunities, justice, human right provisions etc is a matter of how rich and connected you are   while intimidation, extortion and strict enforcement of laws is the only benefits of the poor masses from the government.
The government make laws for the benefit of her  citizens but in our country Nigeria the government provide laws for her own benefits, after a  long analysis of the happenings in the country, I came to understand that the government is primarily responsible for thehigh devilish and forceful pursuit of good living mostly by the youths of Nigeria, even the psychological attribute of humans “Love” which entice the youths more is solely for the rich because “a man who hasn’t saved him self can’t save another” this is the major reason every Nigerian youth is ready to do anything which includes: robbery, kidnapping, scamming, rituals, Assassination and so on in  order to have a good life, it reminds me of the popular saying “no brother in the jungle” which automatically proves that our country is a jungle because the surest source of survival in other nations which is Education is just 15% guarantee to earn you feeding if you are able to survive the 19th century educational system of Nigeria and graduate. 
I optimistically call on every Nigerian youth spread throughout the world in pursuit for a good life,  to raise alarm to God and other nations to hear and intervene for us, instead of falling into the grave our Government dug for us, by looking for comfort in destructive ways, if we happen to improve the economic and political state of this country, it will reduce our constant migration to other countries which brings more of  intimidations to our youths in the name of  good living, we can and we will revive this dying nation with our voice when we echo in unity and it will be more beneficial to us because there is no place like home. 

About the Author 
Prince Chukwuemeka Ekwealor is a student of Chukwuemeka Oduegwu Ojukwu University Anambra State, Nigeria. 

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