Dear “Giants”
“You are informed about your reform but with your tuition you made a fusion not minding the beehives, you wallowed in glamour to halt the humble with your jumble forgetting indeed there awaits a mountain beneath your groin”
Unfortunately, the situation of the country “Nigeria”
A “place” blessed with human resources, mineral resources and an inviting climatic weather condition with less of ubiquitous natural disaster. What do we get for this? Everybody is mad.
The above caption refers to every pin in the person of human beings living under the face of the “giants of Africa”
I’m a giant, I’m indefatigable and indeed undefeatable but daily defeats has been your life engine.
To whom do we give the giant. To every navel of the “most populous black nation”.
So which is the nation?
It is the nation of our souls as a country which in all have been draining down the drain.
Ask again, listen again and see if indeed you can call yourself a giant.
I’m talking to your mind
I’m talking to your conscience
For indeed until we realise that we can never call ourselves giants when the real giant is still over us.
The real giant is not our Nation Nigeria. It is the you in you and the us in us.
Think twice as a person and not as a country 
Only then will there be a giant of Africa.
                Your’s faithfully
The giant of Africa is here pictured as a person and not a nation thus the reason for inverted comas in some words as they refer to a person in a country picture. “Human resources” represent wisdom
“Mineral resources” represent knowledge and exposure 
And “Climatic condition” represents Health
In this epistolary work
Some words are sharp opposite of what they represent in real sense.
Read with understanding and act with vision as those who pursue their mission.
About the author
Mbah Chidiebere Simeon is a law student of Chukeuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu University, Anambra State.
                              Copyright reserved
                                        © 2019 

For knowledge and Justice
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